The influence of triple bottom line on international operations management


  • Francisco Sperotto Flores Instituto Federal Farroupilha - Campus Santo Augusto
  • Iuri Gavronski UNISINOS
  • Vinicius Nardi UNISINOS
  • Roselei Haag UNISINOS



Triple bottom line, international operations management, sustainable operations, legal and social pressure, literature review.


This paper takes a triple bottom line perspective to analyze how the international operations literature integrates economic, social, and environmental issues. Additionally, it shows the main drivers of and barriers to the adoption of triple bottom line practices by companies in an international context. We conducted a literature review in English language journals which publish research of production and operations management and sustainability, resulting in a final sample of 29 papers. Results show that social and legal pressure for companies to adopt a responsible behavior prompts an isomorphic process that leads them to conduct their operations on behalf of triple bottom line goals. Behavioral differences between spin-offs in various countries caused institutions to create mechanisms that can press and change private standards through regulation and enforcement. There is room for progress in studies that seek to analyze the company’s relationships in its international experience and its multi-institutional relations.






04.International Operations Management