‘Tecnologia social’ and social change: the case of Agência de Redes in Rio de Janeiro

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Fabio Prado Saldanha
Natalia Aguilar-Delgado
Marlei Pozzebon


The case provides an opportunity to understand how tecnologia social – a South American concept that might be seen as an equivalent to social innovation – can help promote social change. To illustrate the potential of social technologies, the case of Agência de Redes is presented. The case is intended for use at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Its purpose is to promote the discussion of the South American concept of tecnologia social, as well as to analyse of one particular tecnologia social using a conceptual model to understand the mechanisms that might promote social change.

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Natalia Aguilar-Delgado, HEC Montréal

I am an associate professor at HEC Montréal. My research interests are the social, political and cultural aspects of ICT in practice and the use of practice-based theoretical lenses and qualitative methods. Some keywords of my research are social innovation, social inclusion, citizen creativity, local and sustainable development and global-local dialogue. Theoretically, structuration theory, social constructivism and critical theory are appealing for me. Professionally, I am specialized in training and consulting in the business intelligence area. I have published articles in Organization Studies, Journal of Management Studies, Information Technology and People, Journal of Information Technology and Journal of Strategic Information Systems, among others.