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      'For the english to see': the importation of managerial technology in late 20th-century Brazil [1]
      'I went to the city of god': gringos, guns and the touristic favela [1]
      'With a cardboard suitcase in my hand and a pannier on my back': workers and Northeastern migrations in the 1950s in São Paulo, Brazil [1]
      1968 au Brésil [1]
      A (semi)parametric functional coefficient logarithmic autoregressive conditional duration model [1]
      A bayesian framework for parameter estimation in dynamical models [1]
      A Bayesian network decision model for supporting the diagnosis of dementia, Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment [1]
      A bitstring approach for implementing agent-based epidemiological models [1]
      A blast at the past: an inquiry into Herbert Simon's arguments against the principles [1]
      A composição da alta burocracia no Brasil e no Chile à luz das dimensões da legitimidade e do desempenho [1]
      A coprodução de serviços intensivos em conhecimento e criação de valor: uma análise em relações entre empresas [1]
      A cross-cultural comparison of intragroup conflict in The Netherlands and Brazil [1]
      A fast marching method for the area based affine distance [1]
      A feedback learning and mental models perspective on strategic decision making [1]
      A formação de uma classe dominante: a gentry escravista na América inglesa continental (Chesapeake & Lowcountry, c. 1640-c. 1750) [1]
      A framework for modeling and simulating Aedes aegypti and Dengue fever dynamics [1]
      A free trade area of the Americas in 2005? [1]
      A gestão por resultados na educação em quatro estados brasileiros [1]
      A graph is worth a thousand words: how overconfidence and graphical disclosure of numerical information influence financial analysts accuracy on decision making [1]
      A great leap forward for democracy and the rule of law? Brazil's mensalão trial [1]