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    • Capacidade de inovação: revisão sistemática da literatura 

      Valladares, Paulo Sergio Duarte de Almeida; Vasconcellos, Marcos Augusto de; Di Serio, Luiz Carlos
      This work contributes to consolidate academic research on innovation capacity. A systematic methodology was applied to review the literature since 1991. The recovered literature was analyzed and synthesized into a ...
    • Competitividade das nações: análise da métrica utilizada pelo World Economic Forum 

      Carvalho, Luciano Castro de; Di Serio, Luiz Carlos; Vasconcellos, Marcos Augusto de
      The competitiveness of nations is a relevant matter to decision makers when it comes to choose the country which may yield better results on investment. In this trend, this study seeks to analyze the metrics of competitiveness ...