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    • Bots, social networks and politics in Brazil 

      Ruediger, Marco Aurélio; Grassi, Amaro; Guedes, Ana Lúcia; Borghi, Josefina; Silva, Lucas Roberto da; Carvalho, Danilo
      New developments in the analysis of FGV DAPP with data on the 2014 elections have shown the use of fake profiles to share content in the campaigns of Aécio Neves (PSDB), Dilma Rousseff (PT) , and Marina Silva (former PSB) ...
    • The impacts of conditional cash transfers in four presidential elections (2002-2014) 

      Zucco Júnior, César
      This research note examines the electoral impacts of Conditional Cash Transfer programs in the 2014 presidential election, and compares these to results previously obtained for the preceding three elections (ZUCCO, 2013). ...