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    • Abuso de poder de controle 

      Pinto Neto, Paulo Andrade de Souza
      Due to the occurrence of the phenomenon of globalization many companies have been given their control exercised by others within the same economic group. With the emergence of these hierarchical corporate structures was ...
    • O acordo de acionistas à luz do Código Civil de 2002 

      Teixeira, Pedro Freitas
      The finding of indeterminacy about the interpretation of the Law 6.404/76 in conjunction with the Civil Code has attracted interest in discussing, through a specific institute of Corporate Law, the shareholders agreement, ...
    • O ônus da prova em demandas judiciais que envolvem contratos de participação financeira em concessionárias de telefonia 

      Veloso, Anna Gabrielle Garcia
      Há, nos tribunais do país, milhares de demandas judiciais ajuizadas em face de concessionárias de telefonia, postulando resíduo acionário decorrente de contratos de participação financeira celebrados a partir de 1976, com ...