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    • Global law: contemporary challenges, future perspectives 

      Lima, Maria Lúcia Labate Mantovanini Pádua; Ghirardi, José Garcez; Silva, Alexandre Pacheco da; Salama, Bruno Meyerhof; Barettini, Cristina; Kroncke, Jedidiah Joseph; Forry, John I.; Areilza, José M. de; Cohn, Lynn P.; Pargendler, Mariana; Schilling, Michael; Rodrigues, Nuno Cunha; Luccas, Victor Nobrega; Chen, Weitseng; Tarman, Zeynep Derya
      This book offers a synthesis of the main debates which have taken place within the pioneer Global Law Program at FGV Law School in São Paulo, Brazil. It presents a selection of papers discussing, from the Brazilian ...