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      'Ça marche!', a profile of early-stage business accelerators in France [1]
      'The luxury market in Brazil: an analysis of its complexity' [1]
      A ascensão da classe 'C' e os investimentos de private equity no Brasil: evidências da relação em negócios no setor de educação superior [1]
      A comparative study of internationalization potential for Italian SMEs in the fashion industry in Brazil and Russia [1]
      A comparative study of recycling in the European and Brazilian textile industry [1]
      A comparative study of the credit card market dynamics in Mexico and Brazil [1]
      A competitividade internacional de firmas transnacionais na nova geografia econômica das nações em processo de integração político-econômica regional: uma análise longitudinal de empresas globais em macrorregiões supranacionais [1]
      A cross-country study on trade credit supply and financial crisis [1]
      A deeper look at ethics within banking corporations: the approach of one of the biggest bank in the world [1]
      A qualitative study of the internationalization of born-global technology start-ups in Brazil [1]
      A study of behavioral finance: background, theories and application [1]
      A study of French corporate diplomats in Brazil [1]
      A study of the musical theatre industry and production in São Paulo: challenges and opportunities [1]
      A study of value transitions in the basal insulin regimen for treatment of type 2 diabetes [1]
      Adaptation of the international investment contract: the hardship clause [1]
      Advertising new product categories to new geographical markets [1]
      Agroforestry and permaculture as tools to improve farmers’ well-being [1]
      Aligning sustainability and corporate strategies: the case of hybrid-electric vehicles and Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles [1]
      An applied study of digital retail [1]
      An exploration of the lean startup approach among Brazilian digital startups [1]
      Analyzing the CEMS intrapreneurial level using the GET2 test [1]
      Are multilateral development banks protecting indigenous peoples? A comparative analysis [1]
      Assesment of port governance in Brazil: a managerial perspective on the port of Santos [1]
      Attracting and retaining talent: a comparison between social enterprise and commercial startups in Brazil [1]
      Avaliação do padrão socieconômico como indicador do perfil do consumo de mídia na sociedade brasileira [1]
      Being ahead of its time the consumer resistance phenomenon: a comparative case study research [1]
      Blue ocean strategy in financial services? [1]
      Board of directors and top management team: a study on CEO relative power and financial return [1]
      Brand positioning in the pharmaceutical industry: content analysis applied to antiaging drugs [1]
      Brazil and the USA: rethinking the future of ethanol for stronger mutual wins [1]
      Brazil and Turkey, a comparative analysis of both countries' economic development and institutional design from the Great Depression to the early 21st century [1]
      Bringing italians SME’s to Brazil: the case of GM Venture [1]
      Business support networks for social businesses: a study of the Brazilian ecosystem [1]
      Challenges of the growth phase for a Brazilian social enterprise: the case of 4YOU2 [1]
      Cinema attendance during crises is there a relationship between cinema attendance and the state of the economy in France in the period 1992-2012? [1]
      Co-creation in hospitality industry: a case study on the drivers of traveler-generated content [1]
      Coffee voluntary standards systems a study of the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo [1]
      Company size, organisational culture and human resource management in small to medium sized professional services firms: a case study [1]
      Compared private equity impact investments [1]
      Competing online: a netnographic study on twitch influencers [1]
      Competitive dynamics of air transport in Brazil: 2008-2014 [1]
      Consequences of steel tariffs on imported vehicles: the case of US [1]
      Consumer perception of Brazilian beef: insights from a quantitative study in Europe [1]
      Content marketing and brand engagement on social media: a study of Facebook´s posts in the ecommerce industry in Brazil [1]
      Corporate diplomacy in action: diplomatic ties of Maersk in Brazil [1]
      Corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability: classification of the initiatives of the FMCG companies operating in Brazil [1]
      Country of origin effect: evidences from European consumers' of a Brazilian fashion brand [1]
      Creating buyer-supplier commitment in food supply chains at the base of the pyramid [1]
      Credit union correspondents and financial inclusion in Brazil: an exploratory study [1]
      Crisis communication: organization's reactions to unexpected events [1]
      Cross-currency hedging with multiple options [1]
      Cultures at work: the case of italian expatriates in Brazil [1]
      Decision of using local supplier as a CSR strategy: drivers and benefits for large international companies [1]
      Defining leadership in China: a literature review: how is leadership defined in China by scholars based on a review of published researches since 2000? [1]
      Dermocosmetics’ industry in Brazil and Germany: a comparison of consumer preferences between these countries [1]
      Developing effective measures to implement gender diversity in the workplace [1]
      Development and evaluation of a range anxiety-reducing business model for connected full electric vehicles [1]
      Different approaches toward gender diversity in European boards: a comparison between Germany, Italy and United Kingdom [1]
      Distressed situation and renegotiation plan: a case study [1]
      Dreaming up the right career: an exploratory study of the career aspirations of low-income adolescents living in urban São Paulo [1]
      Ecommerce as internationalization strategy: an exploratory study based on premium fashion brazilian brands: case study of farfetch [1]
      Economic development and growth in West Africa: a multiple case study analysis of sovereign wealth funds’ investments and performance [1]
      Economic history of cocoa in Southern Bahia its role on economy, society and culture [1]
      EDF and the Brazilian power sector [1]
      Entrepreneurship failure: is culture to blame? [1]
      Entry mode choice and market selection of born globals in developing countries: a multiple-case study of the ecuadorian software sector [1]
      Entry on the Brazilian renewable power market: a case study [1]
      Entry strategies into biosimilars: assessment of entry modes into the field of biosimilars from the perspective of pharmaceuticals, generics and biologics companies [1]
      Entry strategies on an emerging market: Brazil: case studies of French cosmetics companies in Brazil [1]
      Error management: the different perceptions among managers and individual contributors [1]
      European business schools and global leadership: an examination of the admission criteria of the european master in management programs ranked by the Financial Times 2010 [1]
      Eventos corporativos: atual alavanca de crescimento dos resorts [1]
      Evidence from Brazilian Listed Companies [1]
      Exchange students in Brazil: some factors behind its choice: empirical evidences from a Brazilian school [1]
      Expanding the toolkit for industry analysis: an application of the value capture concept [1]
      Exploratory study of corporate social responsibility: blogs as a communication tool to enhance company-stakeholders relationships [1]
      Exploring attitudes and behavioral intention of brazilian consumers towards fair trade and fair trade products [1]
      Exploring different social media users from the millennials’ generation: a cross-cultural behavioral analysis of Brazilian users of Facebook and chinese users of RenRen [1]
      Factors influencing consumer decision in crowdfunding [1]
      Fatores de apoio ao empreendedorismo: um estudo comparativo entre Israel e o Brasil [1]
      Female senior managers in the Brazilian finance industry: a journey towards success [1]
      Fintech & the banking industry: disruption or evolution? [1]
      For profit social entrepreneurship: milestones to develop an efficient social venture [1]
      French wine and the Brazilian consumer [1]
      From e-commerce to v-commerce: an empirical study on consumers acceptance in Brazil [1]
      Funding social sector activity in Brazil: a case study analysis of agency risk incidence and mitigation [1]
      Future cenario planning in Brazilian logistics and transportation sector [1]
      Gender in international economic development projects: how is gender being institutionalized in the Inter-American Development Bank? [1]
      Growth process in business and social entrepreneurship: the case of Brazil [1]
      High-growth potential startups in Brazil: a guide to women leadership [1]
      How does foreign capital participation affect Brazilian companies' performance?: investigation of foreign direct investment's impact on host country [1]
      How to make FGV more attractive to international students: a consultancy project for EAESP [1]
      Iguatemi: creating opportunities for international luxury brands in Brazil [1]
      Impact investing: portfolio company selection in Latin America [1]
      Income inequality and human capital development [1]
      Influence of sudden incidents on the brand reputation of a firm and its reaction [1]
      Innovation districts: an investigation of the replication of the 22@ Barcelona's Model in Boston [1]
      Innovations in microinsurance: evidence from the Philippines [1]
      Integrating open innovation in the social innovation process: an exploratory study [1]
      International bank guarantees in globalized world: the financial, comercial, legal and political risks of international trade transactions [1]
      International entry modes in Brazil and the CAGE distances effects [1]
      International private equity funds strategies in the Brazilian market [1]
      Internationalization of Japanese companies in the 21st century: a case study [1]
      Internationalization of SME and entry mode choice in Brazil: the case study of Ameco, a French SME [1]
      Investiments in distressed assets in Brazil [1]
      Launching a new selective skincare brand in Asia and Europe [1]
      Lean management and innovation in operational efficiency: the EGR project implemented by Pirelli Tyre Brazil in Santo André plant [1]
      Line extension influence on brand image: a study on the alcoholic beverage market in Brazil [1]
      Liquidity proxies in the Brazilian debenture market [1]
      Localization strategies of multinationals in Brazil which characteristics of the Brazilian market force multinational companies to localize their marketing activities? [1]
      Luxo e consumo consciente: eles são realmente paradoxais? Um estudo sobre o comportamento de consumo de consumidoras de luxo brasileiras e portuguesas [1]
      Luxury brands and online consumer-generated content: dealing with the new lead of customers in brand perception [1]
      Luxury strategy of perfume brands in emerging markets: an exploratory study of luxury brands in the perfumes sector in Brazil [1]
      Main obstacles in the business environment affecting firm growth: a comparative analysis between Chinese and Brazilian SMEs [1]
      Market coupling in the power markets [1]
      Maturing born globals in Latin America: the effect of product innovation and access to finance on performance [1]
      Mhealth entrepreneurship: an exploratory research for a managerial model for mhealth start ups in low and middle income countries [1]
      Microinsurance in Brazil: current situation and outlook [1]
      Mobile money and women empowerment in Sub-Saharan Africa: an exploratory study [1]
      Mobility-as-a-service platform: a study of urban mobility in São Paulo [1]
      Motivation of german entrepreneurs to seek equity via crowdfunding: an exploratory study [1]
      Motivational theory applied to real estate [1]
      Motivations for knowledge sharing in virtual social networks: a comparative study between Brazil and France [1]
      Music collecting behavior and experience in the streaming era in Brasil [1]
      Nation branding through mega-events and the impact on tourism development in the host country: a study on the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil [1]
      Need and opportunity: what are the main security threats to the pharmaceuticals industry in Latin America? [1]
      New challenges in the luxury universe: an exploratory study of the concept of luxury experience in the Brazilian market from the perspective of brands and consumers: a case study of Pati Piva [1]
      O futuro da indústria da música no Brasil [1]
      Obstacles for chinese and brazilian companies in the bilateral trade between China and Brazil [1]
      OMG! Characterizing the role of emotions in the sharing of online commercial videos [1]
      Open Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry [1]
      Operational functions for innovative startups in France [1]
      Os barões do café: um estudo exploratório sobre o comportamento de consumo masculino em relação a bens de luxo na cidade de São Paulo [1]
      Overconfidence and confirmation bias: are future managers vulnerable? [1]
      Paving the way to ultra-fast fashion: an exploratory research [1]
      Peer to peer lending and financial inclusion in Brazil: a case study [1]
      Performance of incentive contracts in highway PPP projects in Brazil [1]
      Performance of private equity funds in emerging markets: an empirical analysis [1]
      Performance persistence of emerging markets equity mutual funds [1]
      Pompidou & Pompeia: a parallel between the management strategies of two cultural institutions in the French and Brazilian contexts [1]
      Power relations perceptions in a Brazilian favela: a case study of Vila Nova Esperança inhabitants association directors [1]
      Practices in social media in the travel education business [1]
      Private equity regulation: what are the consequences of the alternative investment fund managers directive (AIFMD) on private equity managers? [1]
      Purpose-built accommodations: what attributes do students value more when choosing where to live? [1]
      Relacionamentos no varejo eletrônico: um estudo de caso do marketplace e seus parceiros [1]
      Rent seeking and business organizations: an explanatory study of business organization’s role during Brazil’s trade liberalization era [1]
      Responsabilidade social corporativa como estratégia de negócio: modelos conceituais e exemplos ilustrativos [1]
      Responsabilidade social empresarial e parcerias sociais: modelo relacional e estudo de caso [1]
      Restrictive measures on capital inflow in Brazil in the OTC derivative market: impact on non-financial firms [1]
      Risky business: social media metrics and political risk analysis [1]
      Self-initiated expatriates generation Y personality traits and challenges organizations face to recruit them [1]
      Short food supply chain initiatives and their potential for sustainability in São Paulo state [1]
      Sinergias nas fusões e aquisições do setor de educação superior no Brasil [1]
      Social and entrepreneurial values profiles [1]
      Social businesses in large companies: a case study in Brazil [1]
      Social cause marketing & women empowerment: explanatory case study of a women empowerment cause-related marketing initiative in Brazil [1]
      Social entrepreneurship, microcredit and development challenges: a case study analysis of Banco Pérola [1]
      Social media crises in the organization: exploring management strategies through cases from France and Brazil [1]
      Sports administration: an examination of the competitive balance concept through european and brazilian domestic soccer leagues comparison [1]
      Spread trading strategy for intraday short term interest rate futures markets [1]
      Start-up acquisition: motivations, difficulties and lesson learned [1]
      Stereotyped and non-stereotyped advertising: revitalization of Mattel’s Iconic Barbie brand in the current context of feminine empowerment [1]
      Strategic alliances between companies and non-governmental organizations pursuing the creation of shared value: an exploratory study at the base of the pyramid in Brazil [1]
      Strategic analysis for the internationalization of the Brazilian brand Lina Dellic [1]
      Structuring a startup's operations in an emerging market [1]
      Supermarkets and private standards of sustainability: the responsibility to protect without protectionism [1]
      Supply chain risk management in Brazil: analysis of the recycling sector [1]
      Survival of the fittest: how small and medium companies harness resources to succeed in the Brazilian imports market [1]
      Sustainable beef production in Brazil: different interests to a common cause [1]
      Sustainable silvopastoral systems: theory and a practical case [1]
      Tayloring Brazil: a system dynamics model for monetary policy feedback [1]
      Telenovelas in Brazil: a dream factory?: product placement in Brazilian telenovelas [1]
      The Brazilian and the french private equity sectors from 2006 to present: a comparative analysis [1]
      The Brazilian class C women perception regarding premium mass products in the beauty industry [1]
      The Brazilian real state market in 2012: robust growth or speculative bubble? [1]
      The Brazilian student housing market: an exploratory study [1]
      The challenges of repositioning an international brand: a case study on the hospitality industry [1]
      The country of origin effect: tracking Brazil’s brand image among italian consumers [1]
      The dawn of solar power in Brazil: current state and future challenges [1]
      The development of the private equity industry since the 2008 financial crisis [1]
      The eager fight for supremacy in the online service industry: a comparative study of M&A activities: case studies of Apple, Google and Microsoft [1]
      The effects of commodity dependence on the brazilian economy: a test of the dutch disease hypothesis [1]
      The emergence of Islamic finance: an exploratory study of Brazil [1]
      The ethical concerns of the fast fashion consumer: a gender perspective [1]
      The evolution of wind power in Brazil: analysis of government policy and its effects [1]
      The family role on the internationalization process of family businesses: a two-case study [1]
      The gay subject in business and its discursive formation: an exploration on power, knowledge and sexuality [1]
      The impact of corporate bankruptcy laws on entrepreneurship: a focus on the French corporate bankruptcy reform of 2006 [1]
      The impact of corruption on the performance of state-owned companies: case of Petrobras Brasil [1]
      The impact of OFDI on economic growth countries: an econometric approach using panel data and time-series evidence [1]
      The implementation of corporate governance in Germany and Brazil: a comparative case study [1]
      The influence of civil society organizations on the extent of corruption in the private sector: case of transparency international [1]
      The influence of urban structures on entrepreneurial decision-making: a comparative analysis of Mexico City and São Paulo [1]
      The Internationalization of AccorHotels in South America: why and how? [1]
      The internationalization of the cosmetic retail industry: a history of success? [1]
      The lebanese Brazilian entrepreneurs: entrepreneurship in building an elite [1]
      The market strategies alternatives of an e-business start-up in Brazil [1]
      The men footwear industry in Brazil: challenges and opportunities [1]
      The millennials luxury brand engagement on social media: a comparative study of Brazilians and Italians [1]
      The obstacles to açaí exportation in Brazil [1]
      The online distribution strategy of luxury products and their vertical extensions [1]
      The opportunity of an internationalization process to Brazil: the case of Etai, a french SME [1]
      The organizational model of liberated companies: what they have in common? [1]
      The personal branding of the entrepreneur - a unique asset for a new venture: a study with young french entrepreneurs [1]
      The promised LAN: the transformative power of information and communications technology in developing countries [1]
      The promotion of outward foreign direct investment: a comparative analysis of Bric countries [1]
      The quest for entrepreneurial growth in a tumultuous Brazil [1]
      The relationship between board of director's nationality diversity and financial performance [1]
      The risk of falling into the acceleration trap during a privatization process: a case study of a European telecommunication company [1]
      The role of microfinance for housing repair for low-income households in the United States [1]
      The rouanet law: funding cultural projects or a creative industry in Brazil? [1]
      The use and misuse of graphs in stand-alone annual reports [1]
      The WeTest model of citizens’ integration to water management: designing a pilot of collaborative water monitoring [1]
      Use of the lean model at Pro Sky [1]
      Voice over IP 2.0: an analysis of limits and potential of IP2IP telecommunication [1]
      Water resources management: crisis vs. success: success factors for water management through the examples of São Paulo and Paris [1]
      Wellness tourism in Southeast Asia : the case study of Six Senses Hotels Resorts & Spas [1]
      What are the causes of different brain drain rates in emerging markets? An exploratory study of Brazil and Mexico [1]
      What energy source for the light vehicle segment in Brazil?: an electricity, ethanol and gasoline price analysis [1]
      What makes a humanitarian supply chain resilient? The relevance of the capabilities for resilience within humanitarian supply chain and their identification within the typhoon Yolanda [1]
      When a local competitor (slightly) shakes up the global giant: a case on the soft drink market [1]
      Which strategies can an educational business, such as a kindergarten in Germany, develop to foster employee engagement? [1]
      Winning in Brazil: how institutional voids affect the entry decision making process of foreign venture capital firms coming to Brazil [1]
      Word of mouth marketing in the digital age: a case study analysis of viral marketing campaigns [1]
      Zara’s brand perception: a comparative approach between Brazil and Spain [1]