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      'Ça marche!', a profile of early-stage business accelerators in France [1]
      'The luxury market in Brazil: an analysis of its complexity' [1]
      A ascensão da classe 'C' e os investimentos de private equity no Brasil: evidências da relação em negócios no setor de educação superior [1]
      A case study on the success dimensions and success factors of Swiss companies in fintech projects [1]
      A comparative analysis of charismatic leadership between Donald Trump and Narendra Modi during the Covid crisis [1]
      A comparative study about startup investors profiles: the influence of Corporate Venture Capital when participating in investment rounds for startups [1]
      A comparative study of internationalization potential for Italian SMEs in the fashion industry in Brazil and Russia [1]
      A comparative study of recycling in the European and Brazilian textile industry [1]
      A comparative study of the credit card market dynamics in Mexico and Brazil [1]
      A competitividade internacional de firmas transnacionais na nova geografia econômica das nações em processo de integração político-econômica regional: uma análise longitudinal de empresas globais em macrorregiões supranacionais [1]
      A cross-country study on trade credit supply and financial crisis [1]
      A debt crisis rooted in colonialism: a historical analysis of how the U.S.- Puerto Rico relationship contributed to Puerto Rico’s debt crisis [1]
      A deeper look at ethics within banking corporations: the approach of one of the biggest bank in the world [1]
      A qualitative study of the internationalization of born-global technology start-ups in Brazil [1]
      A strategic perspective on São Paulo’s high-end office market for foreign investments: the JLL’s case study [1]
      A study of behavioral finance: background, theories and application [1]
      A study of French corporate diplomats in Brazil [1]
      A study of the musical theatre industry and production in São Paulo: challenges and opportunities [1]
      A study of value transitions in the basal insulin regimen for treatment of type 2 diabetes [1]
      Adaptation of the international investment contract: the hardship clause [1]