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    • Capitais internacionais: complementares ou substitutos? 

      Araújo, Carlos Hamilton Vasconcelos; Flôres Junior, Renato Galvão
      This paper presents a theoretical and empirical analysis of the substitutability of international private capital flows. Both univariate and multivariate investigations of the capital movements related to the Brazilian ...
    • Foreign funding to an emerging market: the Monetary Premium Theory and the Brazilian Case, 1991 - 1998 

      Flôres Junior, Renato Galvão; Araújo, Carlos Hamilton Vasconcelos
      We develop a framework to explain the private capital flows between the rest of the world and an emerging economy. The model, based on the monetary premium theory, relates an endogenous supply of foreign capitals to an ...
    • On the economic and fiscal effects of infrastructure investment in Brazil 

      Ferreira, Pedro Cavalcanti; Araújo, Carlos Hamilton Vasconcelos
      This article studies the productive impact of infrastructure investment in Brazil. Public-capital expenditures in the country have decreased continuously over the last two decades, and this paper shows the significant ...
    • Reforma tributária no Brasil: efeitos alocativos e impactos de bem-estar 

      Araújo, Carlos Hamilton Vasconcelos; Ferreira, Pedro Cavalcanti
      Neste artigo realizam-se quantificações e qualificações dos efeitos alocativos e dos impactos sobre o bem-estar que possíveis reformas tributárias poderiam ocasionar na economia brasileira. Para tanto, recorre-se a ...