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dc.description.abstractHow can a product be legitimated when the legitimation process includes another legitimate product as a barrier? To address this matter, we conducted a process theorization through in-depth analysis of interviews and newspaper articles in the context of Brazilian premium cocoa and chocolate markets. We found that the legitimation process involves the interaction of different actors focused on building cultural-cognitive legitimacy supported, mainly, by normative legitimacy. In this process, media appears as an important market ally in educating consumers. We use institutional theory to show that it is essential to address other legitimate products and the interaction of actors to understand the legitimation process.por
dc.subjectLegitimacy barrierpor
dc.subjectMarket developmentpor
dc.subjectPremium chocolatepor
dc.subjectPremium cocoapor
dc.titleLegitimacy as a barrier: an analysis of brazilian premium cocoa and chocolate legitimation processpor
dc.title.alternativeLegitimidade como uma barreira: uma análise do processo de legitimação do cacau e chocolate premium brasileirospor
dc.title.alternativeLegitimidad como una barrera: un análisis del proceso de legitimación del cacao y chocolate premium brasileñospor
dc.subject.areaAdministração de empresaspor
dc.contributor.unidadefgvDemais unidades::RPCApor
dc.subject.bibliodataCacau - Aspectos econômicospor
fgv.relation.ispartofAdicionando Valor a Produtos Alimentares: a criação de mercados gastronômicospor
fgv.relation.ispartofProjetos de Pesquisa Aplicadapor

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