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    • Electoral systems, competition, and incentives for corruption 

      Mignozzetti, Umberto G.
      What is the effect of electoral rules on political corruption? While the influence of electoral systems on accountability and representation has been widely studied, the link between electoral systems and corruption remains ...
    • Investment capacity and the electoral marketplace: evidence from Brazil 

      Araújo, Victor; Izumi, Maurício; Limongi Neto, Fernando Papaterra; Mignozzetti, Umberto G.
      The importance of money in elections is a hallmark of contemporary democracies. In this paper, we study how investment capacity, defined as the resources remaining after the municipality perform the mandatory expenditures, ...
    • Legislature size and welfare: evidence from Brazil 

      Mignozzetti, Umberto G.; Cepaluni, Gabriel
      What is the effect of legislature size on public service provision? While the literature relates legislature size to representation and government expenditure, its implications for welfare remain understudied. In this ...