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      A cooperative conjugate gradient method for linear systems permitting efficient multi-thread implementation [1]
      A note on systems with ordinary and impulsive controls [1]
      As wordnets do português [1]
      Convergence rate of strong local linearization schemes for stochastic differential equations with additive noise [1]
      Epidemiological data accessibility in Brazil [1]
      Establishing traveling wave in bistable reaction-diffusion system by feedback [1]
      Extraction of keywords from texts: an exploratory study using noun phrases [1]
      Full Bayesian analysis of claims reserving uncertainty [1]
      Infimum gaps for limit solutions [1]
      Interatividade e usabilidade nas bibliotecas digitais no processo ensino-aprendizagem [1]
      Investigating the blood-host plasticity and dispersal of Anopheles coluzzii using a novel field-based methodology [1]
      Optimal exercise strategies for operational risk insurance via multiple stopping times [1]
      Recovery and classification of twitter user feelings in electoral period [1]
      Recuperação e classificação de sentimentos de usuários do twitter em período eleitoral [1]
      Representação de documentos multimídia: dos metadados às anotações semânticas [1]
      Representação de recursos multimídia na web: uso e reúso de padrões de anotação [1]
      Specifying ubiquitous systems through the algebra of contextualized ontologies [1]
      State of the art on functional fabrication [1]
      Usabilidade da Biblioteca Virtual em Saúde: avaliando a eficácia, eficiência e satisfação [1]