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      Infra-estrutura e produtividade no Brasil [1]
      Infrastructure and productivity in Latin America: is there a relationship in the long run? [1]
      Inserção comercial do Brasil na américa do sul: um estudo sobre os efeitos da China na região [1]
      Instituições e crescimento, a hipótese do capital-efetivo [1]
      Intellectual property and competition as complementary policies: a test using an ordered probit model [1]
      Intergovernmental transfers and public spending in Brazilian municipalities [1]
      International cooperation and competition policy [1]
      International cooperation and the interests of the developing countries: a flexible approach [1]
      Interpretação nacionalista versus interpretação da dependência [1]
      Investment decision and the interest rate in normal and exceptional times [1]
      Investment-specific technological change and the Brazilian macroeconomy [1]
      Is fiscal policy effective in Brazil? An empirical analysis [1]
      Isolated capital cities and misgovernance: theory and evidence [1]
      Labor earnings dynamics in post-stabilization Brazil [1]
      Labor informal conditions in Brazilian tertiary activities [1]
      Latin America and Eastern Europe: economic reforms in abnormal times [1]
      Latin America major player in the international financial markets, agony and ecstasy [1]
      Learning-by-employing: the value of commitment [1]
      Liberalização da conta de capital e fluxos de portfólio para o Brasil [1]
      Liberalization and democratization in the context of a weak state and a weaker civil society [1]