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      Identification and estimation of interventions using changes in inequality measures [1]
      Ideological changes and tax structure: Latin American countries during the nineties [1]
      Impacto da alfabetização de adultos sobre salário e emprego [1]
      Impacto de entrada da Venezuela no Mercosul: uma simulação com modelo de equilíbrio geral computável [1]
      Impacto do decreto 8.058/13 sobre investigações antidumping no Brasil [1]
      Impacts of globalization and economic stabilization policies on european and Latin American labor structures [1]
      Impacts of the proposals for tariff reductions in non-agricultural market access (Nama) [1]
      Import protection through antidumping filings and economic activity [1]
      Imposto inflacionário e efeito Oliveira-Tanzi: uma versão combinada [1]
      Improving on daily measures of price discovery [1]
      Income and bargaining effects on education and health [1]
      Incompatibilidade distributiva e desenvolvimento auto-sustentado [1]
      Incompetence and confidence building behind Latin America's 20 years old quasi-stagnation [1]
      Individuals neglect the informational role of prices: evidence from the stock market [1]
      Inequality and economic growth in Latin [1]
      Inference in differences-in-differences with few treated groups and heteroskedasticity [1]
      Inflação e globalização: análise dos efeitos globais sobre a dinâmica da inflação brasileira [1]
      Inflation bias in Latin America [1]
      Inflation targeting in Brazil: a Keynesian approach [1]
      Informal wages in an economy with active labor courts [1]