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      Barreiras no comércio internacional, normas técnicas e normas de sustentabilidade: as novas e velhas regras de certificação [1]
      Barriers to entry in monopoly markets: automobile distribution in Brazil [1]
      Basiléia II e exigência de capital para risco de crédito dos bancos no Brasil [1]
      Bilateral cooperation agreements, the U.S. Brazil experience [1]
      Bounds on functionals of the distribution treatment effects [1]
      Brasil e China: de conflitos de interesses à busca de uma agenda comum [1]
      Brazil's regulatory framework: predictability or uncertainty? [1]
      Brazil, international trade opportunities among economic regional blocs [1]
      Brazilian productive and occupational structures, regional disperson indexes [1]
      Brazilian regional development distribution, evidences for socio-economic policy [1]
      Brazil’s 35 years-old quasi-stagnation: facts and theory [1]
      Budgeting and resource allocation in universities, a public choice approach [1]
      Campaign donation and government contracts in Brazilian states [1]
      Capital structure determinants of financially constrained and unconstrained firms [1]
      Career concerns: a human capital perspective [1]
      Cartel deterrence and settlements: the Brazilian experience [1]
      Cash-cum-in-kind transfers and income tax function [1]
      Câmbio e arrecadação municipal no Brasil: uma análise empírica de 2004 a 2007 [1]
      Centralized allocation in multiple markets [1]
      Changes in test scores distribution for students of the fourth grade in Brazil: a relative distribution analysis for the years 1997 to 2005 [1]