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      (Miss) representations of third age in the media: stigma and inadequacy in evolving societies [1]
      A critical assessment of Brazilian manufacturing competitiveness in foreign markets [2]
      A organização de documentos técnicos de aeronaves à luz da classificação facetada [1]
      A Racionalidade jurídica da Corte Interamericana de Direitos Humanos no caso Gomes Lund e outros VS Brasil [1]
      A regulação pela informação no mercado de valores mobiliários [1]
      Adoption of E-Hailing Apps in Brazil: The Passengers’ Standpoint [1]
      Antropologia dos militares no Brasil: problemas, limites e perspectivas [1]
      Are conditional government transfers a politically acceptable form of redistribution? [1]
      Atualizando o debate sobre dirigentes públicos no Brasil [1]
      Automatic indexing and ontologies: the consistency of the research chronology and authoring in the scope of Information Science [1]
      Back to the future of alternative banks and patient capital [1]
      Bailout policies, bank competition and bank risk-taking in crisis periods [1]
      Brazil in transition: beliefs, leadership, and institutional change [1]
      Brazil: challenges for freedom of speech online [1]
      Brazilian economic outlook [1]
      BS responses to fast changes in the global environment [1]
      Capital cities, conflict, and misgovernance: theory and evidence [1]
      Challenges: electricity business in Brazil [1]
      Coalition management under divided/unified government [1]
      Collaboration, (dis)trust and control in Brazilian manufactured public/Non-profit partnerships [1]