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    • The Building blocks of skill development 

      Ponczek, Vladimir Pinheiro; Pinto, Cristine (2017)
      The recent literature on human capital formation has emphasized the dynamic process of skills formation throughout the lifecycle. In particular, the importance of developing these skills early in life has been widely ...
    • Ensaios em economia da educação 

      Camargo, Juliana (2017-05-22)
      The aim of this study is to provide rigorous evidence of the impact of a brazilian vocational education and training program on its beneficiaries. For this, we took advantage of the selection criteria for the program, in ...
    • The impacts of early childhood investment: an approach through latent cognitive skills 

      Pires, Luciana Neves (2018-05-16)
      This work contributes to the literature of human capital formation by estimating the impact of early childhood investment (by means of preschool attendance) over cognitive skill development. Using a longitudinal panel ...