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    • Political ideology, groupness, and attitudes toward Marijuana legalization 

      Ramos, Guilherme de Alencar
      Prior literature has demonstrated that liberals and conservatives often diverge on policy issues partly because they have different psychological characteristics and partly because they are influenced by in- and out-groups ...
    • Political views, morality, and attitudes toward marijuana legalization 

      Dias, Rodrigo da Silva
      In this paper, we examine why attitudes toward marijuana legalization are split along ideological lines. In a survey, we found that conservatives were more likely to oppose this policy partly because of their greater ...
    • Regulamentação da Cannabis medicinal no Brasil 

      Collucci, Alessandra
      Esse relato de caso versa sobre a regulamentação da Cannabis medicinal pela ANVISA (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária). Retrata o histórico das tentativas de regulamentação pela agência sanitária brasileira e traça ...