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    • Are consumers willing to buy ethical goods?: evidences of an attitude-behavior gap in the fashion market 

      Ferreira, Aline Tassar de Moraes
      Objetivo: Este estudo pretende aprofundar o conhecimento sobre o comportamento do consumidor em torno de práticas éticas. Um crescente grupo de pesquisadores vem analisando como as preocupações éticas dos consumidores em ...
    • The costs and benefits of leaving the EU: trade effects 

      Dhingra, Swati; Huang, Hanwei; Ottaviano, Gianmarco; Pessoa, João Paulo; Sampson, Thomas; Van Reenen, John
      Sampson and John Van Reenen?> This paper estimates the welfare effects of Brexit in the medium to long run, focusing on trade and fiscal transfers. We use a standard quantitative general equilibrium trade model with many ...
    • Import substitution, trade and development 

      Gersdorff, Ralph von
    • International competition and labor market adjustment 

      Pessoa, João Paulo
      How does welfare change in the short- and long-run when trade integration takes place under imperfect labor markets? Even if consumers benefit from lower prices, there can be significant welfare losses from increases in ...
    • Mercosul: uma estratégia de inserção na economia mundial 

      Domingues, Sérgio Afonso
      Diante das mudanças da economia mundial, tendo em vista os ganhos econômicos, nos termos da teoria do comércio, em especial da teoria tradicional e da nova teoria do comércio, que podem ser obtidos com a integração e diante ...
    • Money and credit remix 

      Araújo, Luis; Ferraris, Leo
      Gu, Mattesini, and Wright (2016) show that credit is irrelevant in a monetary economy with permanent buyer and seller types. In particular, the size of debt limits do not matter for the determination of real allocations. ...
    • Parc Royal: um magazine na modernidade carioca 

      Gorberg, Marissa
      Este estudo versa sobre o Parc Royal, uma loja de departamentos que existiu no Rio de Janeiro entre 1873 e 1943. A pesquisa foi delimitada por um recorte temporal que abrange o período da belle époque (1898-1914) e os anos ...
    • Preferences, common knowledge and speculative trade 

      Dow, James; Werlang, Sérgio Ribeiro da Costa; Madrigal, Vicente
      We study the proposition that if it is common knowledge that en allocation of assets is ex-ante pareto efficient, there is no further trade generated by new information. The key to this result is that the information ...
    • Publicidade: comércio, cultura e profissão (parte inicial) 

      Durand, José Carlos Garcia
      The most overtly commercial dimension of society is often focused in the academia from an arrogant, pessimistic and shallow point of view. At the opposite side, it's seen through the optimistic, yet naïve, perspective, ...
    • Substitution effects in private debt: evidence from SMEs 

      Muñoz, Manuel Illueca; Norden, Lars; Kampen, Stefan van
      The external finance of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is limited to private debt such as bank credit and trade credit. SMEs generally prefer bank credit over trade credit because the former tends to be less ...
    • Trade in intermediate goods and total factor productivity 

      Trejos, Alberto; Ferreira, Pedro Cavalcanti
      We develop and calibrate a model where differences in factor endowments lead countries to trade intermediate goods, and gains from trade reflect in total factor productivity. We perform several output and growth decompositions, ...
    • Trading dynamics in decentralized markets with adverse selection 

      Camargo, Bráz Ministério de; Lester, Benjamin
      We study a dynamic, decentralized lemons market with one-time entry and characterize its set of equilibria. Our framework offers a theory of how 'frozen' markets suffering from adverse selection recover or 'thaw' over time ...
    • Winners and losers from a commodities-for-manufactures trade boom 

      Costa, Francisco Junqueira Moreira da; Garred, Jason; Pessoa, João Paulo
      A recent boom in commodities-for-manufactures trade between China and other developing countries has led to much concern about the losers from rising import competition in manufacturing, but little attention on the winners ...