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    • A carreira de professor estadual no Brasil: os casos de São Paulo e Rio Grande do Sul 

      Barbosa Filho, Fernando de Holanda; Pessôa, Samuel de Abreu
      This paper establishes some stylized facts about the public educational system of two Brazilian states: Rio Grande do Sul (RS) and São Paulo (SP). First, this paper shows that teachers' wages are not related with their ...
    • China shock: the impact on trade and incomes 

      Pessoa, João Paulo
      Is US presidential candidate Donald Trump right when he claims that the Chinese are causing serious damage to American workers? Research by João Paulo Pessoa analyses the impact of the recent massive increase in China’s ...
    • Decompondo os determinantes do emprego público municipal 

      Daier, André Arruda
      The aim of the present work was to find determinants of (i) the quantity of job offers placed at the Brazilian public municipal sector and (ii) the respective wage level. It was considered budgetary, demographic, macroeconomic, ...
    • Diferentes padrões de políticas salariais nos estados brasileiros: uma análise a partir do diferencial de salários público-privado 

      Moriconi, Gabriela Miranda; Moura Neto, João Silva; Marconi, Nelson; Arvate, Paulo Roberto
      Public servant wages represent a significant part of Brazilian state governments' current expenses. Based on the literature, this paper has tried to identify which states practice efficient, compensatory or appropriation ...
    • Essays on offshoring 

      Gay, Matheus Sesso
      This thesis studies how offshoring process affected growth and wages, as well as how the economy would be impacted if policies designed to hinder the process of global integration took place. The first chapter studies how ...
    • Human capital and the recent fall of earnings inequality in Brazil 

      Tavares, Priscilla Albuquerque; Menezes Filho, Naércio Aquino
      Earnings inequality has started to fall in Brazil in recent years, after remaining very high for decades. We describe this decline using a flexible decomposition technique and assess the contributions of education and ...
    • Me ajuda que eu te ajudo: política e emprego nos municípios brasileiros 

      Campos, Gabriela Soares
      A cada quatro anos, as eleições para o poder executivo e legislativo municipal mudam o cotidiano dos municípios brasileiros, gerando empregos diretos e indiretos. As eleições para o legislativo municipal engajam a maior ...
    • The real effects of bank-firm relationships 

      Behr, Patrick Gottfried; Norden, Lars; Oliveira, Raquel de Freitas
      We investigate whether and how bank relationships affect real economic activity. We base our analysis on matched credit and labor data from Brazilian firms during 2005-2014. We document that firms with more bank relationships ...
    • Os salários dos professores públicos são atrativos no Brasil? 

      Moriconi, Gabriela Miranda; Marconi, Nelson
      The relation between teacher wages and their students’ performance is one of the great discussions in economics of education literature. However, international literature converges to the idea that teachers’ relative wages ...
    • Using occupational structure to measure employability with an application to the Brazilian labor market 

      Firpo, Sergio Pinheiro; Carvalho, Sandro; Pieri, Renan Gomes de
      We propose measuring individual employability as a weighted average across occupations of a worker's predicted wage for each occupation. Weights are given by the individual occupational probability distribution. Under this ...
    • Winners and losers from a commodities-for-manufactures trade boom 

      Costa, Francisco Junqueira Moreira da; Garred, Jason; Pessoa, João Paulo
      A recent boom in commodities-for-manufactures trade between China and other developing countries has led to much concern about the losers from rising import competition in manufacturing, but little attention on the winners ...