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    • Aplicações de modelos de procura para bens duráveis de baixa liquidez 

      Studart, Marcus Eduardo Mathias
      I use Search models to study decentralized markets of durable goods. I explore the concept of market liquidity of Lippman and McCall (1986) and show that the theory of optimal search is useful to address the following ...
    • Efficient propagation of shocks and the optimal return on money 

      Cavalcanti, Ricardo de Oliveira; Erosa, Andrés
      We study optimal allocations in an environment in which money is essential due to lack of commitment and anonymity of individuals. Because the economy features aggregate preference shocks, we apply a notion of implementability ...
    • On the positive correlation between income and patience 

      Cysne, Rubens Penha
      This paper uses a standard job-search model to provide a new explanation for the empirically documented positive correlation between patience and average income: more patient workers, by rejecting less favorable wage offers, ...
    • Salary bonuses and informality 

      Ribeiro, Luciana Rabelo
      Este artigo desenvolve um modelo de equilíbrio com firmas heterogêneas no setor formal e informal que postam salários e trabalhadores que fazem on the job search. Os trabalhadores formais com salário menor ou igual a duas ...
    • A search-theoretic explanation for the negative correlation between labor income and impatience 

      Cysne, Rubens Penha
      Lawrance (1991) has shown, through the estimation of consumption Euler equations, that subjective rates of impatience (time preference) in the U.S. are three to Öve percentage points higher for households with lower average ...