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    • Essays on price dynamics 

      Silva, João Luiz Ayres Queiroz
      Esta tese tem como objetivo principal aproximar a evidencia empirica existente sobre os agregados macroeconomicos com as novas evidencias empiricas baseadas nos micro dados de precos ao consumidor, tendo como base os modelos ...
    • The macroeconomics of price adjustments under information frictions and menu costs 

      Nunes, Vivian Malta
      This thesis studies price-setting models and analyzes their macroeconomic im- plications. In the rst two chapters I study general models in which rms pricing decisions are a¤ected by menu costs and information costs. In ...
    • Simple calvo economies with heterogeneous pricing 

      Bertanha, Marinho Angelo
      This paper was motivated by the main results of Carvalho and Schwartzman (2008), where heterogeneity emerges from di¤erent sectoral pricing rules, and sectoral moments of rigidity durations are su¢ cient to explain certain ...