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    • Limited liability and non-responsiveness in moral hazard and adverse selection problems 

      Pires, Henrique Brasiliense de Castro
      This work analyses the optimal menu of contracts offered by a risk neutral principal to a risk averse agent under moral hazard, adverse selection and limited liability. There are two output levels, whose probability of ...
    • Monopolistic insurance and competitive financial markets 

      Ferreira, João Lucas Thereze
      This dissertation studies the interaction between insurance and financial markets. Individuals who differ only in risk can save through a competitive market. They also have access to insurance contracts offered by a ...
    • We sold a million units: the role of advertising past-sales 

      Moraga-González, José Luis; Monteiro, P. K.
      In a market where past-sales embed information about consumers’ tastes (quality), we analyze the seller’s incentives to invest in a costly advertising campaign to report them under two informational assumptions. In the ...