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    • Atuação de consórcios de exportação brasileiros no segmento de moda praia 

      Cruz, Breno de Paula Andrade; Zouain, Deborah Moraes
      The article takes a qualitative approach to the activities of export joint-ventures in the beachwear fashion segment in Brazil from a marketing standpoint. Using the Grounded Theory method, the study seeks to identify ...
    • Crise é oportunidade 

      Jones, Victoria
    • Is category management in small supermarkets worth the effort? 

      Guissoni, Leandro Angotti; Consoli, Matheus Alberto; Rodrigues, Jonny Mateus
      Category management (CM) is an important tool to strengthen the relationship between manufacturers and retailers. This process has been associated with large corporate retailers; however, some recent researches show that ...
    • O surgimento do Estado republicano 

      Bresser-Pereira, Luiz Carlos
      The social-democratic state existing in advanced democracies is gradually changing into a republican state. The neo-liberal wave failed because modern societies need a strong, not a weak state. A republican state is strong ...