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    • Consequences of steel tariffs on imported vehicles: the case of US 

      Angeli, Silvia
      This thesis analyses the effect of US steel tariffs on the volume of vehicles imported from the European Union from April 2002 to August 2005. The intent is to fill part of the gap left by the literature on the effect of ...
    • Market power in maritime transport of Brazilian imports 

      Strasburg, Jessica
      Market power is present in shipping industry as carriers are able to charge freights above their marginal costs due to presence of markup related variables – import elasticities, low competition among trade routes and ...
    • Strong hysteresis in Brazilian imports: A panel cointegration approach 

      Prince, Diogo de; Kannebley Júnior, Sérgio
      Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to investigate the hysteresis hypothesis for the price and quantity of Brazilian imports in recent years. Design/methodology/approach: The empirical measure of strong macro hysteresis, ...