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    • A cooperação em uma federação heterogênea: o regime de colaboração na educação em seis estados brasileiros 

      Segatto, Catarina Ianni; Abrucio, Fernando Luiz
      This article examines the role of state governments in federal coordination with municipalities in education policy. The literature reinforces the importance of the Federal Government as a coordinator of social policy, ...
    • Direito autoral no centro do mundo 

      Branco, Sérgio
      The current Brazilian cultural fervour evidences that new technologies and new business models have fostered unprecedented artistic production. Nevertheless, Brazil still lacks public policies that clearly communicate the ...
    • Prática pedagógica em EAD 

      Porciúncula, Edite Flora Sabbi; Oliveira, Eloiza da Silva Gomes de; Cruz, Francisca de Oliveira
      In examining the pedagogical aspect of teaching in distance education, this article dialogues with theorists such as Habermas, Vygotsky, Lévy and Peters to consider the possibilities of interaction among subjects through ...
    • The social representation of distance education from a Brazilian perspective 

      Marchisotti, Gustavo Guimarães; Oliveira, Fátima Bayma de; Lukosevicius, Alessandro Prudêncio
      This quali-quantitative, exploratory field study approach is based on analyzing data obtained by applying the word recall test involving 100 respondents in order to build the social representation of distance learning (DL) ...
    • Trends in child labor and the impact on health in adulthood in Brazil from 1998 to 2008 

      Nishijima, Marislei; Souza, André Portela Fernandes de; Sarti, Flávia Mori
      There is little evidence in Brazil on the impact of child labor on health status in adulthood. This study aimed to investigate trends in child labor in Brazil and estimate the long-term effects of child labor on the health ...