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    • Adoção do modelo aberto de desenvolvimento de software pelas empresas 

      Milan, Luiz Fernando Albertin Bono
      Nas últimas décadas, o modelo aberto de desenvolvimento de software foi de passatempo de programadores, para inimigo de empresas de tecnologia e, mais recentemente, passou a ser uma estratégia destas. Sob o paradigma ...
    • Can we co-construct a field of management / administration engaged with the majority? 

      Faria, Alexandre; Abdalla, Márcio Moutinho; Guedes, Ana Lucia
      Dynamics contrary to the life of the majority mobilized by neo-imperial neo-liberal capitalism evolving toward neo-fascist populism has become virtually invisible to the field of Management/Administration, which is driven ...
    • Creating meanings, changing contexts: contested sustainability in the Brazilian beef industry 

      Gomes, Marcus Vinícius Peinado
      The objective of this research is to understand how organisations fashion their environment, through analysing why some practices become known as ‘sustainable’ in the Brazilian beef industry. The research engages with the ...
    • Crítica e cultura em marketing: repensando a disciplina 

      Faria, Alexandre de A.
      The article describes the implementation process of a critical approach in marketing, based on the ontology of critical realism, developed in England and Brazil by a Brazilian researcher. The investigation, inspired at the ...
    • Uma proposta de framework em gerência estratégica de redes verticais 

      Faria, Alexandre de A.
      This article aims at understanding how managers of networks implement cooperative strategies that enhance the overall performance of vertical networks. The literature on networks reproduces the managerial hegemony that has ...
    • Repensando redes estratégicas 

      Faria, Alexandre de A.
      The political dispute with the field of organization studies (OS) for leadership in research and education in business administration in the US and the proliferation of schools of thought in the 1980s resulted in serious ...