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    • O cotidiano e a história: construindo novos olhares na Administração 

      Barros, Amon; Carrieri, Alexandre de Pádua
      The purpose of this article is to discuss the possible contributions of studies that combine history and everyday life to build new perspectives about Management. To achieve this goal, we discuss the association of Management, ...
    • O DOI-CODI carioca: memória e cotidiano no 'Castelo do Terror' 

      Bettamio, Rafaella Lúcia de Azevedo Ferreira
      The objective of this thesis is to analyze the memory of six former political prisoners of the Destacamento de Operações de Informações-Centro de Operações de Defesa Interna do Rio de Janeiro, or DOI-CODI/RJ (Detachment ...
    • O homem do renascimento 

      Romera Valverde, Antonio José
      The existence of an ideal of a Renaissance man and his ethical universe, his values and moral expectations are investigated. The advent of new kinds of social types since the beginning of the 15th. century is also taken ...
    • O pesquisador conversador no cotidiano 

      Spink, Peter
      This paper examines the implications for social psychology of the proposal that the day-to-day is all we have, that there are only places and micro-places understood as small sequences of events and nothing more and goes ...