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    • Análise econômica e histórica do instituto da unitização 

      Monteiro, William Luiz de Souza
      This paper deals with the theme 'The Institute of Unitization,' or even 'Individualization of Production,' as national classification, terms that describe what happens to be a joint and coordinated from a reservoir of oil ...
    • Aprendizagem, racionalidade limitada e comportamento econômico 

      Lima, Luiz Antônio de Oliveira
      The aim of this is to discuss the process of 'learning' in Economics. The basic to be considered is that the 'Rational Expectation Hipothesis' is not consistent with that process, and that in order to include it in our ...
    • Are the antiglobalizers right?: the issue of trade without a Walrasian auctioneer 

      Pardo, Hector Calvo
      This paper analyzes the determinants of expectational coordination on the perfect foresight equilibrium of an open economy in the class of one-dimensional models where the price is determined by price expectations. In this ...
    • Avaliação da integração dos serviços na atenção primária da região leste do município de São Paulo 

      Kishima, Vanessa Sayuri Chaer
      A integração dos serviços de saúde é atualmente um dos maiores objetivos do sistema de saúde brasileiro. A estratégia adotada pelo Ministério da Saúde para a reorganização assistencial é o fortalecimento dos Serviços de ...
    • A coordination approach to the essentiality of money 

      Araujo, Luis Fernando Oliveira de; Guimarães, Bernardo de Vasconcellos
      The essentiality of money is commonly justi ed on e¢ ciency grounds. In this paper, we propose an alternative view on the essentiality of money. We consider an economy with llimited monitoring where agents have to coordinate ...
    • Coordination in Brazilian pharmaceutical supply chains 

      Miguel, Priscila Laczynski de Souza; Reis, Manoel de Andrade e Silva
      Supply chain coordination (SCC) can be a challenge for many organizations as different firms in the same chain has different expectations and interdependencies (Arshinder & Deshmukh, 2008). Lack of SCC can result in ...
    • Coordination in Brazilian pharmaceutical supply chains 

      Miguel, Priscila Laczynski de Souza; Reis, Manoel de Andrade e Silva
      Supply chain coordination (SCC) can be a challenge for many organizations as different firms in the same chain has different expectations and interdependencies (Arshinder & Deshmukh, 2008). Lack of SCC can result in the ...
    • Coordination in the use of money 

      Guimarães, Bernardo de Vasconcellos; Araujo, Luis Fernando Oliveira de
      Fundamental models of money, while explicit about the frictions that render money essential, are silent on how agents actually coordinate in its use. This paper studies this coordination problem, providing an endogenous ...
    • Delegated Coordination 

      Lara, Lucas Panico de
      We consider a multi-dimensional model of delegation in which a principal makes a decision so as to coordinate two agents, each with private information of their own impacting the outcomes of the decision and with one agent ...
    • Demand expectations and the timing of stimulus policies 

      Guimarães, Bernardo de Vasconcellos; Machado, Caio Henrique
      This paper proposes a simple macroeconomic model with staggered investment decisions. The model captures the dynamic coordination problem arising from demand externalities and fixed costs of investment. In times of low ...
    • Dynamic coordination among heterogeneous agents 

      Guimarães, Bernardo de Vasconcellos; Pereira, Ana Elisa Gonçalves
      We study a dynamic model of coordination with timing frictions and payoff heterogeneity. There is a unique equilibrium, characterized by thresholds that determine the choices of each type of agent. We characterize equilibrium ...
    • Dynamic coordination with timing frictions: theory and applications 

      Guimarães, Bernardo de Vasconcellos; Machado, Caio Henrique; Pereira, Ana Elisa Gonçalves
      We start by presenting the general model of dynamic coordination with timing frictions and some key theoretical results. We prove the model features a unique rationalizable equilibrium, present a method to solve the social ...
    • Entre chicotes e cenouras orgânicas: cooperação, coerção e coordenação na implementação das compras da agricultura familiar para o PNAE 

      Bonduki, Manuel Ruas Pereira Coelho
      In federalist nations, the specific institutional structure that articulates autonomy and unity (or self-rule and shared-rule, according to Elazar’s definition in 1987) has been appointed as an obstacle to the expansion ...
    • Essays on coordination problems in economics 

      Pereira, Ana Elisa Gonçalves
      There are several economic situations in which an agent’s willingness to take a given action is increasing in the amount of other agents who are expected to do the same. These kind of strategic complementarities often lead ...
    • Flexible information acquisition and optimal Tobin tax in tractable dynamic global games 

      Barbosa, Rodrigo dos Santos
      My dissertation focuses on dynamic aspects of coordination processes such as reversibility of early actions, option to delay decisions, and learning of the environment from the observation of other people’s actions. This ...
    • How food techs can reduce food losses and waste? 

      Vieira, Luciana Marques; Eckert, Daniele
      Background and Aim: Food losses and waste are the new frontier in the search for sustainability in agricultural activities and food systems. It is a complex problem, in which one of the factors involved is lack of coordination ...
    • Intertemporal coordination with delay options 

      Araujo, Luis Fernando Oliveira de; Guimarães, Bernardo
      This paper studies equilibrium selection in intertemporal coordination problems with delay options. The risk-dominant action of the underlying one-shot game is selected when frictions are arbitrarily small. Larger frictions ...
    • The land assembly problem revisited 

      Menezes, Flavio Marques; Pitchford, Rohan
      As in the standard land assembly problem, a developer wants to buy two adjacent blocks of land belonging to two di¤erent owners. The value of the two blocks of land to the developer is greater than the sum of the individual ...
    • Política nacional de resíduos sólidos no Estado do Paraná: a coordenação e gestão da PNRS nos municípios das regiões da AMUSEP e AMOP 

      Ricardo, Laurice de Fátima Gobbi
      The National Solid Waste Policy is representative of the public policy model that has expanded since a Constitution, a report on the interaction between state and citizens. The pillar of this Policy is built on the shared ...
    • QWERTY is efficient 

      Guimaraes, Bernardo; Pereira, Ana Elisa Gonçalves
      We study a dynamic coordination problem with staggered decisions where agents choose between two competing networks. If the intrinsically worst one prevails, this is efficient. Moreover, inefficient shifts to the intrinsically ...