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    • Black phosphorus photodetector for multispectral, high-resolution imaging 

      Engel, Michael; Steiner, Mathias; Avouris, Phaedon
      Black phosphorus is a layered semiconductor that is intensely researched in view of applications in optoelectronics. In this letter, we investigate a multilayer black phosphorus photodetector that is capable of acquiring ...
    • Hot spot dynamics in carbon nanotube array devices 

      Engel, Michael; Steiner, Mathias; Seo, Jung-Woo T.; Hersam, Mark C.; Avouris, Phaedon
      We report on the dynamics of Spatial temperature distributions in aligned semiconducting carbon nanotube array devices with submicrometer, channel lengths. By using high resolution,optical microscopy in combination with ...
    • Origin of photoresponse in black phosphorus phototransistors 

      Low, Tony; Engel, Michael; Steiner, Mathias; Avouris, Phaedon
      We study the origin of a photocurrent generated in doped multilayer black phosphorus (BP) phototransistors, and find that it is dominated by thermally driven thermoelectric and bolometric processes. The experimentally ...