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    • Making virtue of necessity: a verb lexicon 

      Paiva, Valeria de; Chalub, Fabricio; Real, Livy Maria; Rademaker, Alexandre
      We describe the verb lexicon of OpenWordNet-PT, a wordnet-like resource for (mostly Brazilian) Portuguese and a series of experiments that we designed to extend its coverage. These experiments include checking online lists ...
    • NomLex-PT: a lexicon of Portuguese nominalizations 

      Paiva, Valeria de; Real, Livy Maria; Rademaker, Alexandre; Melo, Gerard de
      This paper presents NomLex-PT, a lexical resource describing Portuguese nominalizations. NomLex-PT connects verbs to their nominalizations, thereby enabling NLP systems to observe the potential semantic relationships between ...
    • Semantic links for Portuguese 

      Chalub, Fabricio; Real, Livy Maria; Rademaker, Alexandre; Paiva, Valeria de
      This paper describes work on incorporating Princenton's WordNet morphosemantics links to the fabric of the Portuguese OpenWordNet-PT. Morphosemantic links are relations between verbs and derivationally related nouns that ...