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    • Análise do custeio administrativo das entidades fechadas de previdência privada no Brasil 

      Rabelo, Flávio Marcílio
      This project will undertake a multivariate statistical analysis and a regression analysis of the data relative to the expenses of pension funds in Brazil in order to test the main hypotheses regarding the sources of variation ...
    • Brazil: keeping it in the family 

      Coutinho, Luciano; Rabelo, Flávio Marcílio
      Although recent changes in the legal and institutional framework governing relations between controlling and minority shareholders may help local capital markets develop, major problems persist and serious obstacles to ...
    • Corporate governance in Brazil 

      Rabelo, Flávio Marcílio; Vasconcelos, Flávio Carvalho de
      Corporate governance is an issue of growing importance in developing economies, as many firms pass through significant transformations due to the combined forces of sociopolitical changes, technological progress and economic ...
    • Gestão e desempenho dos fundos de pensão 

      Rabelo, Flávio Marcílio
      This paper deals with the administrative costs of Brazilian pension funds. It is the first step in a thorough analysis of the management and performance of pension funds in the country. Simply put the mission of a pension ...
    • O seguro de compromissos de planos de previdência privada 

      Rabelo, Flávio Marcílio
      This paper discusses the creation of an insurance mechanism for defined benefit pension plans in Brazil. A study of the international experience of insuring pensions emphasizes the difficulty of establishing a risk-based ...