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    • Chasing patents 

      Menezes, Flavio Marques; Pitchford, Rohan
      We examine the problem faced by a company that wishes to purchase patents in the hands of two di¤erent patent owners. Complementarity of these patents in the production process of the company is a prime e¢ciency reason for ...
    • Endogenous transactions costs in multi-seller model 

      Menezes, Flavio Marques; Pitchford, Rohan
      vVe examine the problem of a buyer who wishes to purehase and eombine ti. objeets owned by n individual owners to realize a higher V'illue. The owners are able to delay their entry into the sale proeess: They ean either ...
    • Incomplete contracts and the problem of social harm 

      Pitchford, Rohan
      We construct a model in which a first mover decides on its location before it knows the identity of the second mover; joint location results in a negative extemality. Contracts are inherently incomplete since the first ...
    • The land assembly problem revisited 

      Menezes, Flavio Marques; Pitchford, Rohan
      As in the standard land assembly problem, a developer wants to buy two adjacent blocks of land belonging to two di¤erent owners. The value of the two blocks of land to the developer is greater than the sum of the individual ...
    • Private or public? a taxonomy of optimal ownership and management regimes 

      Pitchford, Rohan; King, Stephen
      We develop a theory of public versus private ownership based on value diversion by managers. Government is assumed to face stronger institutional constraints than has been assumed in previous literature. The model which ...