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    • Feasible multilateralism and the effects of regionalism 

      Ornelas, Emanuel
      Recent research has underlined the efficiency of the GATT/WTO rules from the standpoint of politically motivated governments, emphasizing that the current multilateral rules are capable of delivering a politically efficient ...
    • Institutions and export dynamics 

      Araujo, Luis Fernando Oliveira de; Mion, Giordano; Ornelas, Emanuel
      We study how contract enforcement and export experience shape firm export dynamics in an environment with incomplete information. We show that exporters start with higher volumes and sell for longer periods in countries ...
    • The Limits of political compromise: debt ceilings and political competition 

      Cunha, Alexandre Barros da; Ornelas, Emanuel
      We study the desirability of limits on the public debt and of political competition in an economy where political parties alternate in office. Due to rent-seeking motives, incumbents have an incentive to set public ...
    • Preferential trade agreements and global sourcing 

      Ornelas, Emanuel; Turner, John L.; Bickwit, Grant
      We study how a preferential trade agreement (PTA) affects international sourcing decisions, aggregate productivity and welfare under incomplete contracting and endogenous matching. Contract incompleteness implies ...
    • Rent dissipation, political viability and the strategic adoption of free trade agreements 

      Ornelas, Emanuel
      This paper studies the political viability of free trade agreements (FTAs). The key element of the analysis is the 'rent dissipation' that these arrangements induce: by eliminating intra-bloc trade barriers, an FTA reduces ...
    • Sessão I: Ciência, inovação e desenvolvimento socioeconômico 

      Martucci Junior, Moacyr; Ornelas, Emanuel; Pimentel, Concepta Margaret McManus; Watanabe, Edson Hirokazu; Guimarães, Jorge Almeida
      Apresentar diferentes visões sobre ciência e inovação e instrumentos de incentivo.
    • Trust-based trade 

      Ornelas, Emanuel; Araujo, Luis Fernando Oliveira de
      There is substantially more trade within national borders than across borders. An important explanation for this fact is the weak enforcement of international contracts. We develop a model in which agents build reputations ...
    • Unbundling ownership and control 

      Ferreira, Daniel; Ornelas, Emanuel; Turner, John L.
      We study control contests under asymmetric information. Using a mechanism design approach, we fully characterize the optimal control contest mechanism. The optimal mechanism requires increasing the number of shares owned ...