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    • Platform regulations: how platforms are regulated and how they regulate us 

      Belli, Luca; Erdos, David; Fernández Pérez, Maryant; Francisco, Pedro Augusto P.; Garstka, Krzysztof; Herzog, Judith; Huszti-Orban, Krisztina; Kaye, David; Laidlaw, Emily B.; Lynskey, Orla; Madzou, Lofred; McNamee, Joe; Reda, Julia; Tessier, Marc; Tusikov, Natasha; Zolynski, Célia; Weber, Rolf H.; Zingales, Nicolo
      This book is the Official 2017 Outcome of the UN IGF Dynamic Coalition on Platform Responsibility (DCPR), which is a multistakeholder group fostering a cooperative analysis of online platforms’ responsibility to respect ...