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    • Forward-premium puzzle: is it time to abandon the usual regression? 

      Costa, Carlos Eugênio da; Jesus Filho, Jaime de; Matos, Paulo Rogério Faustino
      The forward premium puzzle is usually evidenced by the rejection of the null hypothesis in the uncovered interest parity (UIP) regression. Because this parity need only hold in a risk-neutral world, a risk adjustment term ...
    • Further investigation of the uncertain trend in U.S. GDP 

      Jesus Filho, Jaime de
      The presence of deterministic or stochastic trend in U.S. GDP has been a continuing debate in the literature of macroeconomics. Ben-David and Papell (1995) found evindence in favor of trend stationarity using the secular ...
    • Social security effects on income distribution: a counterfactual analysis for Brazil 

      Moura, Rodrigo Leandro de; Tafner, Paulo; Jesus Filho, Jaime de; Ourives, Lígia Helena da Cruz
      According to Diamond (1977), one of the reasons for the existence of social security systems is that they function as an income redistribution mechanism. There is an extensive literature that tests whether social security ...