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    • Intuitionistic logic and legal ontologies 

      Haeusler, Edward Hermann; Paiva, Valeria de; Rademaker, Alexandre
      This paper briefly shows how Intuitionistic Description Logic can be considered a good alternative to classical ALC as far as formalizing legal knowledge is concerned.
    • Passing the Brazilian OAB exam: data preparation and some experiments 

      Delfino, Pedro Moyses; Cuconato, Bruno; Haeusler, Edward Hermann; Rademaker, Alexandre
      In Brazil, all legal professionals must demonstrate their knowledge of the law and its application by passing the OAB exams, the national Bar exams. This article describes the construction of a new data set and some ...
    • Specifying ubiquitous systems through the algebra of contextualized ontologies 

      Cafezeiro, Isabel; Viterbo, José; Rademaker, Alexandre; Haeusler, Edward Hermann; Endler, Markus
      In this paper we present the algebra of contextualized ontologies and an approach to specify context-aware systems. The algebra is designed to support context moddeling and aims at the specification of modular and scalable ...