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Vol 11, No 1 (2018)

January - June

Dear readers,

I am glad to present the first issue of Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management (JOSCM) in 2018. I am grateful for our Associate Editors and Reviewers that participate actively in the process of suggesting improvements to these papers. This task is voluntary and time consuming but it should be recognized that editing and peer reviewing is important parts of the academic world. Big thanks to them!

The first four papers are part of our ongoing process of publishing research papers in topics related to supply chain management and logistics that raise new research insights. In addition, JOSCM also presents three best papers award nominated in the XX Simpósio de Administração da Produção, Logística e Operações Internacionais (SIMPOI 2017), which occurs annually in Sao Paulo bringing together academic and practitioners in the Operations Management field.

The first paper of this issue talks about the blood supply chain and is written by Jung-Joo Maeng, Kayla Sabharwal, and M. Ali Ülkü. The authors recognize blood as a scarce resource, using secondary data to propose a model illustrated by a case study from Canada.

The second paper also focused on a perishable product, dairy, through a structured literature review of supply chain practices by Mor, Bhardwaj, and Singh (2018).

The third paper of this edition, authored by Decio Yoshimoto, Mauro Caetano, and Cláudio Jorge Pinto Alves, describes key economic drivers to find their efficient frontier using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA).

In the fourth paper, Jorge Luiz Biazzi presents three approaches to support decision-making for production planning, sales and inventory problems.

This edition has three papers from the SIMPOI Forum held in 2017. The first one by Augusto Dalmoro Costa, Guilherme Freitas Camboim, and Aurora Carneiro Zen identifies internationalization patterns and effects on company performance through a survey with 343 Brazilian companies. In the second paper, Marcelo Martins Sa, Susana Farias Pereira, and Priscila Lacsynski de Souza Miguel present a case study discussing how collaboration can bring resilience in supply chains experiencing a disaster. The third paper by Mercia Cristiley Barreto Viana, Kleber Cavalcanti Nóbrega, and Lieda Amaral Souza investigates the influences between enterprising individual orientation, strategy of services and business performance.

I hope you enjoy reading this new JOSCM issue.

Luciana Vieira
Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management

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Jung-Joo Maeng, Kayla Sabharwal, M. Ali Ülkü
Rahul S Mor, Arvind Bhardwaj, Sarbjit Singh
Decio Yoshimoto, Cláudio Jorge Pinto Alves, Mauro Caetano
Jorge Luiz Biazzi


Augusto Dalmoro Costa, Guilherme Freitas Camboim, Aurora Carneiro Zen
Marcelo Martins de Sá, Susana Farias Pereira, Priscila Lacsynski de Souza Miguel
Mercia Cristiley Barreto Viana, Kleber Cavalcanti Nóbrega, Lieda Amaral Souza

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