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Vol 9, No 1 (2016)

January - June

Dear readers,

In this issue of Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management you will be able to read and enjoy the outcomes of our special issue on Crisis Management and Humanitarian Operations edited by Maria Besiou, from Kuehne Logistics University (Germany) and Susana Pereira, from FGV/EAESP (Brazil).

The guest editors selected for us five papers that cover different dimensions of this important topic, which is increasingly attracting attention of the operations and supply chain management community. Three papers cover logistics aspects of humanitarian logistics and crisis management. Naor and Bernardes (2016) focus on self-sufficient healthcare logistic systems and their responsiveness, while de Leeuw (2016) offers an empirical analysis of humanitarian warehouse locations. Sokat, Zhao, Dolinskaya, Smilowitz, and Chan (2016), on their turn, explored how to capture real-time data in disaster response logistics. The other two papers turn their attention softer aspects of humanitarian logistics and crisis management. De Oliveira, Fontainha, and Leiras (2016) study the role of private stakeholders in disaster operations and Santos (2016) brings important insights on the leadership process during an organizational crisis.

Besides the papers of the special issue, this semester, JOSCM also presents to you two papers from our continuous flow, which tackle different aspects of supply chain management. Widyarini, Simatuoang, and Engelseth (2016) point out the role of social interactions for price transmission in multi-tier food supply chains. Finally, Ferragi (2016) uses the Ethanol industry to develop a SCMap and integrate the supply and production chain concepts.

I wish you a pleasant reading.

Juliana Bonomi Santos


Table of Contents

Special Issue on Crisis Management and Humanitarian Operations

Michael Naor, Ednilson Bernardes
Kezban Yagci Sokat, Rui Zhou, Irina S. Dolinskaya, Karen Smilowitz, Jennifer Chan
Sander de Leeuw, Wing Yan Mok
Tharcisio Cotta Fontainha, Patricia de Oliveira Melo, Adriana Leiras
Rodrigo Antônio Silveira dos Santos, Rodrigo Bandeira-de- Mello, Cristiano José Castro de Almeida Cunha

01.Operations Strategies and Competitiveness

Maria Widyarini, Togar M Simatuoang, Per Engelseth

03.Logistics and Supply Chain

Eder Moreno Ferragi

Editorial Information

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