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Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management

Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management is an international journal published twice a year that aims to advance knowledge and science and stimulate greater thought and effort in the field of Operations Management theory and practice, by publishing papers that are both academic with rigourous metodology as well as have managerial relevance. It is a peer reviewed journal available online to the ultimate goal to contribute with the development of O&SCM knowledge in different markets.

JOSCM provides readers with new and helpful information; new theory or techniques; research generalizations about OM thoughts and practices; OM understanding by researchers and practitioners; creative views and syntheses of dispersed concepts in OM; and articles in subject areas which have significant current impact on thought and practice in OM and which present challenges for the future.

The primary audience includes researchers who are interested in advancing the field and practitioners who manage product and process design, operations, and supply chains. The journal presents to this audience the concepts, theories, and research methods that address currently unresolved issues in operations management.

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