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KariGhana Alliance: developing a social balanced scorecard to monitor the break-even

Benjamin Gadbois, David Molina, Maira Petrini, Marlei Pozzebon


KariGhana Alliance is a social business operating in the shea industry since 2012. One of the first objectives of the KariGhana Alliance was to bring together women working in the informal shea sector, in order to improve their economic and social situation, as well as their health. In order to be financially sustainable, the company has met with a team of consultants who suggested creating a social balanced scorecard (SBSC). SBSC could serve as an efficient tool to meet the company’s goals: 1) improve the women’s quality of life and 2) to achieve the company’s break-even.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12660/gvcasosv8n2c12


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