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The retirement dilemma: what to do now?

Simone Maria Virmond Vieira Linzmeyer, Lina Eiko Nakata, Tania Casado


Facing the threat of resignation after more than 20 years working at Consul, a leading Brazilian refrigerator company recently sold to Whirpool Corporation Group, Sergio is invited to work for another company in the same segment and, defying all corporate prejudices, accepts the job. His function there is to prepare the company to be sold, and the sale is a success. A bit later he accepts the invitation to work at CCE, an electronics company. His goal now is to build a factory to operate and sell. Again, he achieves all the goals. However, contrary to expectations, Sergio was not completely happy. What would he do now? The teaching case can be used in career management courses and specialization programs. Traditional concepts of career, career transition and retirement are needed to better use the case.

DOI: 10.12660/gvcasosv5n2c12

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12660/gvcasosv5n2c12


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