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Human displacement and social recognition: the working conditions and relations of refugees and displaced people in Brazil

José Henrique de Faria, Elaine Cristina Schmitt Ragnini, Camila Brüning


This research analyzes the process of inclusion and social recognition of migrants from different countries in a Brazilian city, through a report of the demands brought by them in the context of a host project carried out at a Brazilian public university about: (i) their insertion in the world of work, (ii) their insertion in Brazilian higher education, highlighting their difficulties and expressions of suffering. The design proposed for this study is the documentary research method, based on the analysis of qualitative data collected by about 300 interviews and over 1000 individual and group psychosocial consultations carried out with migrants in the city of Curitiba-PR. As a theoretical framework we adopted the category of "social recognition", proposed by Nancy Fraser (2008a) based on the debate with Axel Honneth (2009), and inspired by the category "struggle for recognition", by Hegel (2008). Results point to the precarious inclusion of migrants in the labor market, making evident the social injustice and psychological suffered by these subjects.


Human displacement. Refugees. Migrants. Social recognition.

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