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Experience marketing: a study of the conceptual aspects

Maria Teresa Grimaldi Larocca, Rodrigo Ladeira, Áurio Lúcio Leocádio da Silva, Ricardo Coutinho Mello


The main objective of the present study was to review the evolution and current concepts of experience marketing according to the main authors who were dedicated to the understanding of this field. The subject is part of the Marketing Science Institute Research Priorities, which points out the prevalence of studies for the marketing field. Although the subject is present in the national and international literature, the conceptual studies are found in smaller numbers. Given its importance this study proposes an understanding of experience marketing, examined under a conceptual approach, based on the critical appreciation of concepts related to experience marketing with the dimensions proposed by Schmitt (1999, 2002, 2006, 2010) and the typology proposed by Lanier Junior and Rader (2015), considering that the level of explainability and intentionality of an experiment may vary for each consumer of the same experiment. Experience marketing emerges as the new wave of contemporary marketing, and the one that provides the most loyalty and relationship, the current focus of this area of study.


Experience marketing. Experiential marketing. Definition of experience marketing.

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