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Deliberative citizenship and social management: a systematic review of literature in Brazil

Rafael Junior dos Santos Figueiredo Salgado, Luana Ferreira dos Santos, Tamiris Cristhina Resende, Washington José de Souza


This systematic review of the literature on deliberative citizenship and social management analyzes how studies in social management in Brazil apply the concept of Habermas deliberative citizenship. The Capes academic journal and Google Scholar databases were consulted for this purpose, using the keywords "deliberative citizenship" and "social management". We ascertained that journals classified in the stratum Qualis Capes A2 published the majority of the articles, and the leading periodical was EBAPE.BR Cadernos. An analysis of the methodological strategies employed reveals qualitative options, with seven papers characterized as theoretical essays and 11 as theoretical-empirical papers, predominantly with the application of the concept of deliberative citizenship in rural territories and councils. The theoretical-empirical results focus on research challenges and opportunities and and indicate that social management can use Habermas' process of deliberative citizenship as a strategy. On the other hand, the theoretical texts suggest that the deliberative citizenship construct forms a relevant base for the construction of the domain of social management.


Deliberative citizenship. Jürgen Habermas. Social management. Social participation.

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