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Innovation ecosystems articulation and shared value creation

Bruno Anicet Bittencourt, Paola Schmitt Figueiró


The changesin the perception about the role of organizationsreinforce the notion that creating value for society is as important as generating profit for shareholders. Against this backdrop, this study assumes that innovation ecosystems, because they are based on the interconnection and interrelation of a network of actors to generate innovation, have an important role in balancing profit generation and the creation of value for society. The research question:how can the articulation of an innovation ecosystem generate shared value for all those involved?led to a participatory action researchexploring an initiative gathering a German multinational company located in the southern region of Brazil, a public school, a university, the local government, and the community. The initiative producing this interactionwas called project “Arcos.”It aimedto connect the company’s managers and university and school students, who formed an innovation ecosystem to create shared value and address local social problems. The study presents a framework with the main benefits perceived by the network of actors, as well as propositions about innovation ecosystems and shared value creation.


Innovation ecosystem. Network of actors.Sharedvalue.

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