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Social innovation and entrepreneurial process: application of typologies in start-ups of Yunus Social Business Brazil

Irene D. M. Ciccarino, Daniele C. Malpelli, Ana Beatriz G. de Mello Moraes, Estefanie Silva do Nascimento


The present study applies the typology suggested by Zahra, Gedajlovic, Neubaum et al. (2009): Social Bricoleur, Social Builder and Social Engineer to interviews with appraisers and start-ups supported by Yunus Social Business Brazil. Through a case study, we sought to identify similarities and divergences between the characteristics of these typologies and the reality of these Social Business, as well as to deepen the identification of the profile and motivations in this entrepreneurial process. Each of these types concentrates features of innovation and utilization of resources adhering to those proposed by Hayek (1945), Kirzner (1973) and Schumpeter (1942). Social Business, according to Muhammad Yunus's conception (Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for the creation of the Grameen Bank), unify in a single business model objective of positive socio-environmental impacts and economic-financial sustainability, without the distribution of dividends. These are intended to expand their own businesses or new initiatives of the same nature. Thus, Social Business maximizes social wealth and restricts the concentration of individual income. Inserted in the context of social entrepreneurship, the results showed greater adherence to the Social Builder type, according to the entrepreneur described in Kirzner's (1973) work. This study will help entrepreneurs and investors to better understand Social Business by assisting both in aligning the business models of those who want to receive support and in the decision of the evaluators on what business to invest in, supporting the construction of more empirical studies on entrepreneurship and Social Business.


Social Innovation. Social Entrepreneurship. Yunus Social Business. Start-up. Typology.

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