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Economic Theory and Applications 1

Indeterminacy and the properties of the utility function
Been-Lon Chen
Growth Effects of Integration in Two-Sector Economies with Non-tradable Goods
Karine Gente
Physical capital, financial asset and dividend taxation
Ngoc-Sang Pham
Undervaluation, Social Optimum and Growth
Carine Nourry

Economic Theory and Applications 2

"The falling sperm counts story": A limit to growth?
Johanna Etner, Natacha Raffin, Thomas Seegmuller
(De-)Stabilizing Income Tax Policy in the Two-Sector Model
Nicolas Abad
Elastic labor and ambiguity
Thai Ha-Huy
Growth and human capital accumulation with heterogeneous skills
Kirill Borissov, Stefano Bosi Bosi, Thai Ha-Huy, Leonor Modesto

Economic Theory and Applications 3

Games with quasi-monotonic best replies
Luciano De Castro
Cournot oligopoly with firm-specific network effects
Rabah Amir
On environmental regulation of oligopolies: Emission versus performance standards
Rabah Amir
On the micro-economic foundations of linear demand
Rabah Amir

Income Contingent Loans and the Economics of Education

Finance Theory and Higher Education Financing
Miguel Palacios
Income contingent loans and Islamic financing of higher education
Ali Khan
Income contingent loans and the Hayek-Bhagwati-Srinivasan job-ladder model of education
Liuchun Deng
Conceptual Issues and International Experience with Student Loans
Bruce Chapman

Fiscal Policy 1

Corruption, Public Debt and Economic Growth
Maksym Ivanyna
Jonatan Lautenschlage
Electoral cycles in MPs’ salaries: Evidence from the German states
Manuela Krause
Term limits for mayors and intergovernmental grants: Evidence from Italian cities
Bjoern Kauder

Fiscal Policy 2

A Tale of Two Regions: Consequences of Balanced Budget Rules and Composition of Government Expenditure in a Fiscal Union
Vladimir Dashkeev
Reducing state-federal conflicts in environmental policy: The role of fiscal transfer design.
Christina Roolfs, Beatriz Gaitan, Ottmar Edenhofer
Does Fiscal Oversight Matter?
Sebastian Kessing, Desiree Christofzik

Experimental Economics 1

Waiting to Cooperate? Cooperation in one-stage and two-stage games
Ze'ev Shtudiner
You are not alone: Rank-dependent income comparisons and risk taking
Harald Wilhelm Lang
Private investment with social benefits under uncertainty: the dark side of public financing
Anne STENGER, Marco Buso, Giuseppe Attanasi, Kene Bounmy
Multicandidate Elections: Aggregate Uncertainty in the Laboratory
Micael R. Castanheira

Experimental Economics 2

Coordination and Cheap Talk: Indirect versus Direct Messages
Serkan Kucuksenel
When should the jurors talk? An experimental study of timing and information acquisition
Diego Aycinena, Andrei Gomberg, Alexander Elbittar, Lucas Rentschler
Global Inspection Games (GIG) in the Laboratory
Miguel A. Sanchez Villalba
Collective Deliberation Under Non-common Prior: Theory & Experimentation
Simona Fabrizi, Addison Pan, Steffen Lippert
Market institutions, efficiency and prices
Nejat Anbarci, Nick Feltovich

Environmental Economics 1

CO2 emissions from the residential sectors in Europe: drivers and distributive consequences
Dorothée Charlier, Mouez Fodha, djamel kirat
Investment in Energy Efficiency, Adoption of Renewable Energy and Household Behaviour: Evidence from OECD countries
Prudence Dato
Swap Bonds or Stocks! A Game of Implicit Environmental Policy
Hagen Schwerin
Who is Buying? Fuelwood Markets in Rural India
Martino Pelli
Bargaining over Natural Resources: Governments between Environmental Organizations and Extraction Firms
Mark Schopf, Achim Voss

Environmental Economics 2

Choosing an Environmental Policy: the Role of Intergenerational Inequality
Frédéric Gonand
Environmental Regulation, Structural Transformation and Skilled Migration: Evidence from the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry
Francisco J. M. Costa
The Risks of Pollution and the Costs of Misperceptions
Emmanuelle Lavaine
CO2 emissions from the French residential sector: regional determinants and distributional consequences
Ibrahim Ahamada, Mouez Fodha, djamel kirat
Green attitude and economic growth
Susanne Soretz, Ingrid Ott

Environmental Economics 3

Self-Enforcing Agreements under Unequal Nationally Determined Contributions
Emilson Caputo Delfino Silva
Monopoly Emission Taxation and Compliance when Consumers are Green
Bipasa DATTA, Mitsuyuki HOSOKAWA
International Environmental Agreements: Stability under Heterogeneity
Effrosyni Diamantoudi, Eftichios Sartzetakis, Stefania Strantza
Resource and Labor Taxation in Overlapping Generation Economies with an Essential Polluting Resource
Nicolas Clootens
The Value of Brazilian Climate: New Evidence from a Spatial Equilibrium Model with Two Sectors
Paula Carvalho Pereda

Growth 1

Technological changes and population growth: the role of land in England 1760-1910
Claire Loupias, Bertrand Wigniolle
An economic theory of (left-) handedness
Fabio Mariani, Marion Mercier, Luca Pensieroso
Redistributive policies and growth-inequality nexus
Yoseph Getachew
Persistent Inequality, Corruption, and Factor Productivity
Elton Dusha
Compensating the lack of human capital by trade in a less developed country
Birgit Kirschbaum

Growth 2

Ambiguity in optimal growth
Thai Ha-Huy
Octavio Augusto Fontes Tourinho, Rafael Sangoi
Endogenous borrowing constraints and government debt in a lifecycle economy
Ilya Eryzhenskiy
Anticipated Consumption and its Impact on Capital Accumulation and Growth: 'Forward-Looking' vs. 'Backward-Looking' Consumption Reference
Stephen Turnovsky

Labor Economics 1

Youth Unemployment and Employment Protection Legisation
Franck Malherbet, Pierre Cahuc, Julien Prat
Pensions and Fertility: Back to the Roots - The Introduction of Bismarck's Pension Scheme and the European Fertility Decline
Robert Fenge, Beatrice Scheubel
Tax Compliance and Household Interaction
Christoff Esslinger, Gareth Donald Myles, Hana Yousefi
Household public goods and mutual insurance between household members
Timothée Demont
Long-Term Care and Births Timing
Gregory Ponthiere, Pierre Pestieau

Labor Economics 2

Public Policy and Higher Education under Restricted Admission: Theory and Evidence
RONEN BAR-EL, Yuval Arbel, Yossef Tobol
Paving the Way to Development: Costly Migration and Labor Market Integration
Jaqueline Oliveira
Neighbors’ Income and Demand for Redistribution
Pedro Henrique Thibes Forquesato
The labor market effect of demographic change: Alleviation for financing social security
Max Friese
The Impact of the Matrimonial Regime on Female Education and Labor Supply: Theory and Evidence from a Natural Experiment in France
Roberta Ziparo

Labor Economics 3

The Impact of Consumer Credit Access on Employment, Earnings and Entrepreneurship
Kyle Herkenhoff
Using social network analysis to enhance welfare public programs
newton paulo bueno
Structural Transformation and the Obesity Epidemic: Dynamics and Taxation
Evangelos Dioikitopoulos
Family Planning and Development: Aggregate Effects of Contraceptive Use
Cezar Santos

Optimal Taxation 1

The Compensation Principle as a New Rationale for Age Dependent Taxation
Markus Hersche
Land rent taxation and socially optimal allocation in economies with environmental externality
Nguyen Thang DAO
Robust Taxation in a Linear Quadratic Environment with Dispersed Information
Marina Delmondes de Carvalho Rossi
Heterogeneous Present-bias and Optimal Taxation of Health and Education
Marcelo Arbex, Enlinson Mattos

Optimal Taxation 2

A Simulation Analysis of the Dynamic Effects of Corporate Tax Reform in Japan
Takero Doi
Optimal taxation of motherhood
Sebastian G. Kessing, Vilen Lipatov, Malte Zoubek
Taxation With An Informal Sector
Felipe Lobel
Quantifying the Welfare Gains from History Dependent Income Taxation
Marek Kapicka
Optimal Income Taxation with Unemployment and Wage Responses: A Sufficient Statistics Approach
Etienne Lehmann

Game Theory 1

Externality effects in the formation of societies
Alberto Adrego Pinto, Renato Soeiro, Abdelrahim Mousa
Who guards the guardians? Centralized Sanctioning and Cooperation
Gonzalo Olcina Vauteren, Adriana Alventosa
On the advantages and disadvantages of being the first mover under the rule of k names
Salvador Barberà, Danilo Santa Cruz Coelho
Attack, defense, and the market for protection
Steffen Lippert, Simona Fabrizi, Jose A Rodrigues-Neto

Game Theory 2

The Dynamic of Collective Action and External Threat
Guillaume Cheikbossian
A Game-Theoretic Approach to Corruption in the Allocation of Public Resources
sergio de holanda rocha, Paulo Melo Filho, Francisco Ramos
An explicit bound on the core convergence for large partitioning games
Alexander Kovalenkov, Myrna Wooders

Game Theory 3

Location and clustering of research activities: The role of public subsidies
Emmanuelle Taugourdeau
Modelling the effect of campaign advertising and contributions on US Presidential elections when differences across states matter
Maria Gallego
Income Inequality, Culture and Team Production
Vicente Calabuig, Gonzalo Olcina, Fabrizio Panebianco

Public Sector 1

Inter Vivos Transfers and the 2009 German Transfer Tax Reform
Christoph Schinke
Partial Tax Harmonization through Infrastructure Coordination
Patricia Sanz, Bernd Theilen
Exploring the Characteristics of Transfer Pricing Systems Across Countries
Alex Augusto Timm Rathke, Amaury Rezende
Relocation of the Rich: Migration in Response to Top Tax Rate Changes from Spanish Reforms
Dirk Foremny

Public Sector 2

The bigger, the better? Inter-municipal cooperation and index of power in Gap(France) area.
Remy Oddou
Discounting Environmental Benefits to Future Generations: Implications of a Coordinating Debt Policy and Tax Distortions in the Capital Market
Liqun Liu
Dynamic Analysis of Bureaucratic Quality and Occupational Choice
Kiyoka Akimoto
Tolerance of Noncompliance: Discretion Rather than Simple Rules?
Alvaro Forteza, Cecilia Noboa

Industrial Organization 1

The Problems of Log-Linearization: Methods to Estimate Fuel Price Elasticities
Julian Dieler, Frank Goetzke, Colin Vance
Local market structure in a Hotelling town
Alberto Adrego Pinto, João Paulo Almeida, Telmo Parreira
Strategic Non-Entry
Rafael Pinho Senra de Morais
Endogenous Location and Spatial Price Discrimination with Public Infrastructure
Chih-Min She
Specific Investment and Contract Design: Evidence from Public Transportation
Andre Trindade

Industrial Organization 2

Corruption and Market Entry: An Application to the Circumvention of (Costly) Regulation
Eleni Stathopoulou, Dimitrios Varvarigos
On the welfare effects of price discrimination through targeted advertising
Joana Resende, Rosa Branca Esteves
Taxation and privacy protection on internet platforms
Francis Bloch
Competition for attention in the news media market
Heng Chen, Wing Suen

Industrial Organization 3

Price Effects in the Short and in the Long Run
Davide Dragone, Paolo Vanin
The actual impact of shale gas revolution on the U.S. manufacturing sector
Yassine Kirat
How a cartel operates.A model of organization design from a social network perspective
Flavia Roldan, Carlos Ponce
Healthcare providers' payments with personalized medicine
Izabela Jelovac

Development 1

Terrorism Networks and Trade: Does the Neighbour Hurt?
Daniel Mirza, José De Sousa, Thierry Verdier
Faith, Hope and Christian Charity? How Religion Explains Giving that Impure Altruism and Warm Glow Do Not.
Clive D. Fraser
Food Price Spike and Civil Conflicts
Marie-Hélène Hubert
Fighting Violence with Violence: the Effect of the Police Pacification Units on the Criminality in Rio de Janeiro
Joeffrey Drouard
Working in the black economy or returning to the source country ? The role of strong and weak ties.

Development 2

On the Complementarities between Human Capital and Public Revenues: Consequences for Development
Carlos Bethencourt
Do politicians gratify core supporters? Evidence from a discretionary grant program
Markus Reischmann
Communication Networks and Protests: Investigating the “Occupy Movement” in the United States
Guiherme Amorim, Breno Sampaio
The Full Weight of the Law: The Impact of Contract Enforcement on Firm Dynamics and Development
Bernabe Lopez-Martin, David Perez-Reyna, Fernando Perez Cervantes
Social Capital. Electoral Behaviour and Government's Performance
Michela Redoano

Development 3

Social Infrastructures Tax Evasion and Productivity
Wilfried Anicet Kouamé, Jonathan Goyette
A time series analysis of household income inequality in Brazil 1977-2013
Enlinson Mattos
Distortions, Social Infrastructures and Tax Evasion
Wilfried Anicet Kouamé, Jonathan Goyette
Timing of compliance with international standards among tax havens
Patrice Pieretti, Giuseppe Pulina, Skerdilajda Zanaj


Formal and Informal Firm Dynamics
Gabriel Ulyssea
Global Value Chains and Business Cycles Shocks: Trade-income ratio in a vertically specialized scenario
Marília Bassetti Marcato, Fernanda Oliveira Ultremare
Filipe Martins, Mohammad Choubdar, Alberto Adrego Pinto, Jorge Passamani Zubelli
Financial globalization with firm heterogeneity
Delfim Gomes Neto
The instability of open Pareto efficient economies
Antoine Le Riche

Theory 1

Private Protection and Public Policing
Tanguy van Ypersele
Credit market segmentation, essentiality of commodities, and supermodularity
Marta Faias
Efficiency in Decentralized Markets with Aggregate Uncertainty
Braz Camargo
On a Simple Equilibrium with Heterogeneous Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting Agents \& Linear Decision Rules
Jean-Pierre Drugeon

Theory 2

Strategic Philanthropy
Vicky Barham
The political choice of social long term care transfers when family gives time and money
Marie Louise Leroux
Heterogeneity, Impatience and Dynamic Private Provision of a Discrete Public Good.
Kavita Sardana, Oleksiy Tokovenko, Subhra K. Bhattacharya
Insurance Contracts and Financial Market
Andres Carvajal, Joao Thereze Ferreira
Limited Liability and Non-responsiveness in Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection Problems
Henrique Brasiliense Castro Pires
Approximate Lipschitz Recursive Equilibrium with a Minimal State Space in the Ramsey Model
Rodrigo Jardim Raad

Theory 3

Showing off
Philipp Denter
Risk Sharing Contracts with Private Information and One-Sided Commitment
Eduardo Zilberman, Vinicius Carrasco, Pedro Hemsley
On the Variational Approach to the Analysis of Tax Systems withou the Spence-Mirrless Condition
Cassiano Breno M. Alves
Best-Response Dynamics in Local Public Good Games
sebastian bervoets, mathieu faure

Finance 1

The Real Effects of the Removal of Government Guarantees in the Banking Sector: The Case of the German Guarantor Liability
Susanne Simone Wildgruber
The weight of residential investment in the French economy
Asma Ben Saad
An empirical assessment of tax evasion in the Brazilian origin-based VAT using interstate trade flows
Lourenco Senne Paz
The Usefulness of Financial Variables in Predicting Exchange Rate Movements
Jose Luiz Rossi Junior
Equity Prices and Cartel Activity
Marcelo Bianconi

Finance 2

anderson antonio denardin
The Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns in Brazil
Gyorgy Varga, Ricardo Brito
Characterizing revealing and arbitrage-free financial markets
Lionel de Boisdeffre
Financial Networks and Systemic Fragility
Thiago Christiano Silva, Benjamin Miranda Tabak, Michel Alexandre da Silva

Political Economy 1

Income Taxation, Political Accountability and the Provision of Public Goods .
Oskar Nupia
Separation of Powers and New Public Spending
Kaj Thomsson, Alessandro Bonatti
The Moderate Voter’s Curse: A Spatial Voting Model with Multiple Party Identifications
João Varandas Ferreira, Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde
Should Voting be Anonymous in Legislatures?
Rogério Mazali, José Alvaro Rodrigues-Neto

Political Economy 2

Electoral Competition and Corruption
Amrita Dhillon
The Ideology Trap
Anke Kessler
Content and Coordination Censorship in Authoritarian Regimes
Maxim Ananyev, Maria Petrova, Galina Zudenkova
Concurrent Elections and Political Accountability: Theory and Evidence.
Emanuele Bracco, Federico Revelli
Anchoring, Status Quo Bias, and Conflict
Dan Kovenock

Political Economy 3

Compulsory Voting and TV News Consumption: Evidence from Brazil
Raphael Bruce, Rafael Costa Lima
Wealth, economic shocks and preference for redistribution: The security-income trade-off
Mauricio Bugarin
The Limits of Political Compromise: Debt Ceilings and Political Competition
Alexandre B. Cunha, Emanuel Ornelas
Exchange Rate Populism
Cristina Terra, Sainan Huang

Decision Theory

Contemplation vs. intuition. A reinforcement learning perspective.
Anna Rubinchik, In-Koo Cho
Distributive justice and the threshold level of resource in the fair resource allocation
Mingli Zheng, Chong Wang, Chaozheng Li
Ranking distributions of an ordinal attribute
nicolas gravel, brice magdalou, patrick moyes
Economic insecurity and geometric discounting
Conchita D'Ambrosio, Walter Bossert

Search & Matching

Aggregate Employment, Job Polarization and Inequalities: A Transatlantic Perspective
Thepthida Sopraseuth
Status Good and Inequality
Jose Alvaro Rodrigues Neto, Rogerio Mazali
Matching Soulmates
Mirna Wooders
Directed search with phantom vacancies
bruno decreuse

Networks 1

Dynamics of Strategic Information Transmission in Social Networks
Manuel Foerster
Acquiring Information through Peers
Joao Ramos, Bernard Herskovic

Networks 2

On the Private Provision of Public Goods in Endogenous Networks
Luca Merlino, Markus Kinateder
Peer Effects in Endogenous Networks
Timo Hiller
Systemic risk in financial networks: the role of insurance
Nizar Allouch

Auction Theory

Auctions with Endogenous Opting-out Fees and Recursive Winning Procedures from the Talmud
Mordechai Elazar Schwarz
Restructuring Sovereign Debt by Auction Mechanisms
Maximilian Stephan, Gideon Goerdt, Paulus Nora

Economics of Education

Intergenerational Mobility under Education-Effort
Xavier Raurich, Jaime Alonso-Carrera, Jordi Caballé
Distance to school, child labor and education: a coordination game
Alice Fabre, Stéphane Pallage
Impact of School Day Extension on Educational Outcomes: evidences from Mais Educação in Brazil
Luis Felipe Oliveira
Uncertainty in education: The role of communities and social learning
Ana Figueiredo
Redistribution without distortion: Evidence from an affirmative action program at a large Brazilian university
Fernanda Estevan

Applied Microeconomics

Corporate investment decisions under political uncertainty
Marina Riem
Nash Equilibrium in Evolutionary Competitive Models
Elvio Accinelli
Effects of Income Distribution on Monopoly Pricing of Luxury Goods
Tiago Souza

Central Bank: theoretical and empirical assessments to assist the CB decisions

Inflation Targeting with Imperfect Information
Rafael Santos
Are capital (and earnings) incentives effective for loan loss provisions?
Ricardo Schechtman
Optimal Informational Interest Rate Rule
Marta Baltar Moreira Areosa
Government Financing with Taxes or Inflation
André de Castro Silva
O Mercado de Opções de Petrobras é Eficiente? Um Estudo a partir da Estratégia Delta-Gama-Neutra*
Gustavo Araujo

Invited session: Youth, Education and Labor market in Brazil

Bolsa Família, Tempo na Escola e Motivações Juvenis
Marcelo Neri, Manuel Osorio
Pronatec e Bolsa-Formação: Uma Avaliação Inicial sobre Reinserção no Mercado de Trabalho Formal
Fernando Holanda Barbosa Filho
Can program design improve the effectiveness of worker retraining? An evaluation of Brazil's Pronatec-MDIC
João Bevilaqua T. Basto, Mark A. Dutz, Lucas Ferreira Mation, Stephen D. O'Connell
Carlos Henrique Corseuil, Miguel Foguel, Gustavo Gonzaga
Short and long Term Impacts of a Child Labor Ban
Caio Piza, André Portela Souza

Economic Theory and Applications 4

Financial frictions and adverse selection, a new macroeconomic perspective
Elliot Aurissergues
Central Bank Collateral Criteria and Government Guarantees
Jakob Eberl
National vs. Supranational Deposit Insurance: Regulatory Home Bias and Bank Lending Distortions
Kai Brueckerhoff
Empirical design of corporate bankruptcy law
Rafael de Vasconcelos Xavier Ferreira, Aloisio Pessoa Araujo
Corporate Deductibility Provisions and Financial Constraints of Innovative Entrepreneurs
Sebastian Felix Heitzmann, Wolfgang Eggert