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    • Essays on banking theory and history of financial arrangements 

      Ferreira, Murilo Resende
      This thesis contains two chapters, each one dealing with banking theory and the history of financiai arrangements. In Chapter 1, we extend a Diamond and Dybvig economy with imperfect monitoring of early withdrawals and ...
    • Essays on competition and returns of inside money 

      Forno, Henrique Dezemone
      In an early paper, Cavalcanti and Wallace (2001) showed, using a computable version of Cavalcanti-Wallace model (CW-1999), that optimal regulation induces banks to pay interests, instead of contracting the money supply in ...
    • Essays on monetary and banking theory 

      Bertolai, Jefferson Donizeti Pereira
      This thesis is dedicated to the study of both financial instability and dynamics in monetary theory. It is shown that bank runs are costless prevented in the standard model of banking theory when population is not small. ...
    • Essays on monetary theory 

      Barros Junior, Fernando Antonio de
      Nesta tese aplicamos métodos numéricos para estudar alguns modelos em que moeda é essencial. Seguimos uma abordagem de desenho de mecanismo em teoria monetária e procuramos por configurações em que as pessoas possam desfrutar ...
    • Essays on monetary theory 

      Teles, Caio Augusto Colnago
      In this thesis, we use mechanism design approach in order to study economies in which optimal mechanism bears some resemblance to actual monetary system. More precisely, we study optimal monetary policy in models in which ...