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    • A contractive method for computing the stationary solution of the euler equation 

      Moreira, Humberto Ataíde; Maldonado, Wilfredo Fernando Leiva
      A contractive method for computing stationary solutions of intertemporal equilibrium models is provide. The method is is implemented using a contraction mapping derived from the first-order conditions. The deterministic ...
    • Inflation and income inequality: a shopping-time aproach: (Forthcoming, Journal of Development Economics) 

      Cysne, Rubens Penha; Maldonado, Wilfredo Fernando Leiva; Monteiro, P. K.
      Our work is based on a simpliÖed heterogenous-agent shoppingtime economy in which economic agents present distinct productivities in the production of the consumption good, and di§erentiated access to transacting assets. ...
    • A note on learning chaotic sunspot equilibrium 

      Araújo, Aloísio Pessoa de; Maldonado, Wilfredo Fernando Leiva
      In this paper we prove convergence to chaotic sunspot equilibrium through two learning rules used in the bounded rationality literature. The rst one shows the convergence of the actual dynamics generated by simple adaptive ...